DestinySurvival Radio’s Greatest Hits for 2012

I decided to do what I did last year at this time and share several of my favorite DestinySurvival Radio shows of this past year. You might think of it as DestinySurvival Radio’s “greatest hits.”

The following shows are listed mostly in reverse chronological order, which doesn’t represent any sort of ranking other than by date. I’ve included parts one and two of a couple of entries because they go hand in hand.

Click any of the highlighted dates below to listen to or download DestinySurvival Radio programs. As an extra feature, I’ve included links to blog posts I’ve written about the shows because they contain valuable links.



December 13, 2012–Jim Cobb of discusses Prepper’s Home Defense.

Keeping Your Family Safe and Secure Calls for Prepper’s Home Defense


December 6, 2012–George Ure of talks about Broken Web The Coming Collapse of the Internet. (At the end of 2012, this was the most popular DestinySurvival Radio show ever. It’s been downloaded tens of thousands of times.(

Surviving the Collapse of the Internet – Is the Web Already Broken?


November 29, 2012–Gaye Levy, the Survival Woman, from talks about 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life, the book she co-authored with George Ure. It’s not your typical prepper book.

Be a Better Prepper with 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life


November 15, 2012–Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, authors of The Survival Medicine Handbook, talk about first aid kits.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy Have First Aid Kits to Help You Survive the Coming Collapse


November 8, 2012–Anna Hess talks about The Weekend Homesteader: A Twelve-Month Guide to Self-Sufficiency.

If You Want to be a Homesteader But Don’t Know How to Get Started…


October 18, 2012–Rachel Huff and her husband Tom of Dog Island Farm talk about urban farming and how they lived for a year without going to the grocery store.

How Long Would Your Prepper Supplies Last If You Couldn’t Go to the Grocery Store?


September 6, 2012–Clinical psychologist Dr. Steven Futrell returns to talk about normalcy bias and situational awareness.

A Psychologist Talks About Normalcy Bias and Situational Awareness


August 9, 2012–Donna Miller of Miller’s Grain House tells how her family’s preparations were put to the test during a recent tough year for them.

Donna Miller Shares Blockbuster Prepper Wisdom Your Family Needs for Survival During Hard Times


June 14, 2012–Madonna Spitler, CEO of Celox discusses this product for stopping bleeding, which you should have in your survival first aid kit.

Do You Have What it Takes to Stop the Bleeding?


May 31, 2012–Get no nonsense prepping guidance from Brian Howard, author of When Things Go Boom!.

When Prepping Feels Urgent…


May 24, 2012–How seriously should we take the threat of solar flares? What are CME’s? Find out from George and Brooksi Plymale of FlareAware.

Should We Beware of Sinister Sol?


May 3, 2012–Donna Miller of Miller’s Grain House shares insights on having healthful storage food in your survival pantry.

Are You Putting Healthful Storage Food in Your Survival Pantry?


April 19, 2012–Sylvia Britton of the Christian Home Keeper Network shares insights on home schooling for preppers. She has insights for you no matter where you are on the home schooling journey.

Get Insights and Encouragement from a Home Schooling Prepper Mom


April 5, 2012–Part 1 of 2–Vance Lindstrom, author of Rebuilding a Village, talks about community and putting life back together after a collapse.

Does it Take a Village to Rebuild a Village?


May 17, 2012–Part 2 of 2–Vance Lindstrom, author of Rebuilding a Village, returns to talk about rebuilding society after a collapse.

How Well Are You Prepared to Help Rebuild Your Community After the Coming Collapse?


March 22, 2012–Dennis Evers talks about How to Handle a Crisis–everything from tornadoes to terrorism to first aid and more.

Get Life Saving Info from a Former Police Chief and Preparedness Expert


March 8, 2012–Riverwalker from the Stealth Survival blog discusses OPSEC and protecting one of your most valuable assets.

Are You Protecting One of Your Most Valuable Assets?


February 2, 2012–Part 1 of 2–What about the vehicle you’ll use if you need to bug out? And what will you do for shelter? Scott B. Williams discusses these and more. He’s author of Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters.

Survival Transportation–Will You Be Driving or Rowing When You Bug Out?


March 1, 2012–Part 2 of 2–Scott B. Williams, author of Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters makes a return visit.

What Will You Do About a Bug Out Shelter?


February 23, 2012–Shannon Carmody of Seed Savers Exchange discusses squash for your survival garden. I call it Squash 101.

Why You Should Plant Squash in Your Survival Garden This Season


February 16, 2012–Part 1 of 2–Matthew Stein discusses threats to our survival. He’s the author of When Technology Fails and When Disaster Strikes.

Survival Threats–What Are Some of the Biggest?


April 12, 2012–Part 2 of 2–Matthew Stein returns to talk about solar flares, our inner compass, and alternative health. He’s the author of When Technology Fails and When Disaster Strikes.

Sun, Stomach and Silver Stole the Show with Stein


February 9, 2012–Meet the Freeze Dry Guy.

Let The Freeze Dry Guy Help You Get Your Family Prepared


January 5, 2012–Leon Pantenburg of talks about a chilling subject–winter camping and survival. What can we discover that applies to our everyday lives in winter?

What Can Winter Camping Teach Us About Winter Survival?


Concluding Thoughts

This has been a good year for DestinySurvival Radio. It’s hard to believe the show has finished its second year. I’m glad and grateful to have been given the opportunity to embark on what I still think of as an adventure.

Picking out the top handful of shows was hard. I’ve had to leave many good shows out. For example, Dennis Evers has been on a few times to talk about prepping on a budget. Scott B. Williams was on in late July to talk about his novel, The Pulse. And Paul Munsen was on in September to talk about the wonderful Sun Oven.

My apologies to any of the guests I’ve interviewed who might have expected to see their show on this “greatest hits” listing. It wasn’t easy to narrow down my list to the shows linked above.

DestinySurvival Radio has allowed me to meet interesting and informative guests, and it’s been my privilege and pleasure to share what they have to offer with you. One of the benefits of doing the show is that I’ve made some friends and useful connections along the way. I look forward to more of the same in the coming year.

Thanks as always for your support of DestinySurvival Radio this past year and for the new year to come.

Your feedback is always welcome. Let me know if you have show or guest suggestions. And don’t forget, you can hear any show by going to my DestinySurvival Radio page.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.