The Hot Water Rocket Will Come in Handy When There’s No Hot Water

We take for granted in our everyday lives now that we’ll have access to hot water when we need to cook, wash dishes or bathe. “But it will be hard to come by in a grid down situation.

Of course, there are stoves of various kinds and sizes on which you can heat a cup or even a pan of water. But you have to light a fire. Or you need to use canned or tablet fuel. Perhaps you could heat up some water in a solar cooker or solar shower.

But what if you could heat water without fuel, even in winter?

Now there’s the Hot Water Rocket. It can heat a pint of water to boiling hot in about an hour without using any fuel. It simply uses the free energy from the sun. According to Solutions From Science, here’s how it works.

“You fill the interior vacuum tube with about a pint of water. Unfold the two parabolic reflectors to focus the sun’s rays directly onto the water tube. Position the Hot Water Rocket so that the reflectors face the sun. That’s it. In no time at all, you’ll have piping hot water.”

The Hot Water Rocket is inexpensive compared to a solar cooker. Plus, it’s portable, too. It’s 18 inches long and weighs two pounds.

To find out more, go to If you don’t see the image of the Hot Water Rocket on the home page, search for key words Hot Water Rocket. On the page that comes up, click the Hot Water Rocket image for more info. If you want to view a short video, click through to where you see the words “View Product Website,” and click there. Place your order when ready.

How do you plan to heat water when there’s no power? Leave a comment and let others know.


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