Are You a Zombie and Don’t Know It?

You might be a zombie and not realize it.

“But,” you say, “I’m no zombie. I’m a prepper. I’m on the lookout for zombies. I want to protect my family from them.”

Let’s first ask ourselves the question, Why are we talking about zombies in the first place? The whole thing is ridiculous, isn’t it?

Zombies are being shoved down our throats. Even gun manufacturers are getting into promoting anti-zombie firearms and ammunition. And recently I read that the military conducted an anti-zombie training exercise.

I’ve expressed my disdain for the whole zombie apocalypse thing in a couple of past posts. If you’re curious, biew them here and here.

But my opinion isn’t going to change the cultural saturation we’re being subjected to. It’s something that seems to be directed from a higher power.

I think we’re missing something.

Just who are zombies in the first place? They’re the “undead”–not truly human. They’re a threat and an enemy, right?

Any time there’s a massive propaganda campaign against a perceived threat–real or unreal, we’re taught that the given enemy isn’t like us. You and I must be properly conditioned by the demonization and dehumanization of said enemy if we are to defend ourselves and be on the winning side.

In Nazi Germany Jews were the enemy. In this country, during the Cold War, communists were the enemy. In recent years Islamo-fascist terrorists have become an enemy.

And that takes us back to the question of who the zombies are.

If you’re a prepper who’s bought into the idea that you should be getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, you’re worried about the subhuman, knuckle dragging mouth breathers who’ll be pounding down your door.

If you’re a member of the military (or police?) participating in a training exercise, who are the zombies? Are they terrorists–real or imaginary? Are they drug dealers? Or are they preppers who stored more food and firearms than what DHS and FEMA allow?

As preppers, are you and I perceived as the threat? Are we seenas being on the wrong side?

So again I ask, Are you a zombie? And how does this affect your prepping now?

I’d love to know what you think. Your comments are welcome.


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2 Responses to “Are You a Zombie and Don’t Know It?”

  • Al B:

    Yes, I’ve been studying this too. I think the zombies will be the starving masses – there will be alot of them. I pray & prep I’m not one.
    Peace, Al B.

    • John Wesley Smith:

      My concern is that those in power won’t distinguish between the hungry masses and you or me if they think we’re on the wrong side of their agenda. Maybe you’ve got too much food set by, and somebody higher up thinks you should be feeding those hungry masses. You stored more than FEMA said you should have. Or maybe you’re against Obamacare dictating how your business should take care of its employees.

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