Stretch Your Food Budget and Have Food Security at the Same Time

At Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, we enjoy an abundance of food. It’s traditional, and we take it for granted. But in order for that abundance to exist, all that food has to be harvested, gathered, processed and stored.

How about the rest of the year? While we may not want to overeat like most of us do during the holidays, how can we be sure there’s adequate food to eat?

It’s more important than ever for preppers these days to make the most of food purchases. And if you can’t afford to buy prepackaged storage food, what can you do?

You can buy extra cans of food. But you can also can the produce you grow or buy. You can also dehydrate food–things you wouldn’t normally think you could dry down.

Since I’m not the greatest kitchen whiz who ever walked the Earth, I defer to the experts. Here’s an excerpt of an article from “Backwoods Home Magazine,” Issue #138, November/December, 2012. It offers excellent tips on careful, efficient use of what you buy and prepare for your family’s meals. A link to the full article is below.

Food security 101

By Rowena Aldridge

These days a lot of people are concerned, and rightly so, about their family’s economic stability and security. Recently I’ve become aware of the ways in which I, a stay-at-home mother, can enhance my own family’s feelings of security. I’m going to share my ideas in the hope that they will help others find more peace and comfort in their homes, too.

The place I’ve found that I have the most control, and thus the most leeway, is in the family grocery budget. Many people assume that cutting back on spending here involves either doing without healthy foods or extreme coupon shopping (the kind of couponing where you make a giant project out of trying to get everything free or at almost no cost). Neither assumption is true — as long as you know how to gear up and how to strategically use your opportunities.

Read the whole article here:

Excerpt used with permission of Backwoods Home Magazine. (541)247-8900.

Explore even more tips on stretching your food budget from Living On A Dime.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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