Could Your Survival Health Depend on One Simple Mineral That Can Prevent and Even Cure Cancer?

Is it possible there’s a simple cancer remedy you can use now and add to your prepping supplies for the future? Could selenium really be a miracle mineral for beating almost every kind of cancer? Keith Pendlebury thinks so. He was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio for this week.

Is this for real?

If you’re like me, you’re skeptical. Since there’s already a ridiculous number of cancer treatment claims out there, why would I expose you to yet another? Is it one of those “too good to be true” promises?

That’s what went through my mind when Keith first contacted me early in the summer of 2012.

At the time this was written my mother-in-law was being treated for lung cancer. I wasn’t sure this was anything I’d feel comfortable telling her about. Would it be something she’d believe or want to try?

Keith’s e-mail sat for weeks before I deleted it. But he was persistent and contacted me again in August. This time I took a closer look and decided to have him on my show.

This week’s show wasn’t a sales pitch. I take health matters seriously because I want to give you solid info you can use, especially if it could mean your survival or that of a loved one.

Who is this guy anyway?

Keith isn’t a doctor, nor does he pretend to be one. He’s had his own serious health problems–strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and has had part of a leg amputated. Personal research he’s done on health issues for several decades has given him a great deal of knowledge and has put him in good standing with many people, including doctors.

I’ve reviewed plenty of info Keith sent me, and he’s done his homework. He’s on the level. He’s doing a good thing, and I’m glad he was my show guest.

What’s the deal with selenium?

In a nutshell, selenium is the ideal chemotherapy because it’s selectively absorbed by cancer cells. It drastically reduces tumors because it cuts off what cancer cells need to thrive on.

It works even better when combined with vitamin E and a couple of other supplements. And that’s all Keith’s protocol calls for.

Keith’s not making money selling supplements, though he does recommend certain brands because they’ve been proven to work. And what he recommends is far less expensive than conventional chemotherapy.

I appreciate the fact that his site is named One Cancer Cure, not THE cancer cure. That’s where we started our conversation.

He began talking about how selenium helped his friend Roger with prostate cancer. It’s an amazing story. It’s described in an e-book he wrote.

Traditional cancer treatments are often more harmful than helpful. And when doctors talk about the success of a treatment, they have something different in mind than what you and I would think of as successful.

What Keith promotes is something simple that’s been proven to work–not just on one man, but in numerous studies. His protocol for curing cancer is different than the one for preventing it.

OK, so what now?

Keith’s knowledge of his subject is quite evident. He is quick with statistics. And he uses a good number of medical and scientific terms. But rather than recount much information here, I encourage you to hear my whole interview with him by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for September 20, 2012. Then you’ll be equipped to draw your own conclusions.

Pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in selenium. Neither are the various cancer associations and organizations. So far the U.S. and Canadian governments have left Keith alone. That makes now a good time for you to try his protocols for yourself and set aside selenium in your prepping supplies while you can.

To order the brand of selenium Keith recommends, order from Swanson Vitamins. It’s item #HRG040.

Unfortunately, I’ve lost contact with Keith since we did our interview, and it appears his site is down.

If you’re already dealling with cancer, or if you know someone who is, it’s worth looking into the benefits of selenium. Plus, if you’re concerned about exposure to unknown quantities of radiation from Fukushima in Japan, taking selenium to prevent cancer is an excellent plan. What have you got to lose?


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

5 thoughts on “Could Your Survival Health Depend on One Simple Mineral That Can Prevent and Even Cure Cancer?”

  1. Brazil nuts, Oysters, Chicken liver, Raw oyster, Steamed clams, Beef liver, Sardines, Crab, Whole wheat pasta, White pasta, Wheat germ, Molasses, blackstrap, Sunflower seeds, oatmeal, Soy nuts, Freshwater fish,

    Sunflower Seeds
    Fish (tuna, halibut, sardines, flounder, salmon)
    Shellfish (oysters, mussels, shrimp, clams, scallops)
    Meat (Beef, liver, lamb, pork)
    Poultry (chicken, turkey)
    Mushrooms (button, crimini, shiitake)
    Grains (wheat germ, barley, brown rice, oats)

    Of these, I eat many–so I don’t bother with tablets. Weekly, I have onions, pasta, oatmeal, tuna, beef, eggs, chicken, mushrooms–and sometines twice a week for many.

    1. Very good. I’m all in favor of getting nutrients from our food as much as possible. However, Keith makes the point that soils from which food is grown may not provide adequate selenium to our food supply. Certain parts of the country have more selenium in the soil than others.

    1. I appreciate you pointing out the selenium from Puritan’s Pride. I’ll check with Keith to see if their selenium is formulated closely enough to what he recommends. He makes the point in his e-book that not just any selenium will do, and there are numbers to back up his claim. He’s found one that works. Believe me, I’m all for saving money. I just want to be sure people who try what Keith recommends are indeed getting the right stuff.

  2. I asked Keith Pendlebury to respond to the comments posted here so far. For some reason, his attempt to post directly failed. With his permission, I’m posting exactly what he shared with me, for the benefit of my readers. – John


    The most dangerous things in the world are all those things people are absolutely sure of that really aren’t true that they never made the slightest effort to honestly figure out. The problem in this case is that there are extremely important reasons for the supplements and brands I suggest. I don’t sell the Selenium. I have no interest here except what works. Anybody can choose anything they want to use, any brand, any amount. The problem is that when you choose a different brand than what has already been proven to work, you choose a different result.

    Yes there is Selenium in some foods. Food would always be your best source of every nutrient IF Selenium was always and really there in the amount you needed in an amount of food you can reasonably eat. The truth is there is no way of knowing how much Selenium is in any food. You need a guaranteed minimum amount of Selenium every day to prevent most cancer. Certainly you need more than you could possibly get from food to treat any cancer.

    Theoretically you can get all the penicillin you want by eating moldy blue bread. That is the original source for penicillin and is doubtless very inexpensive. Leisurely eating a couple of loaves of moldy blue bread every morning and evening for a couple of weeks is not as easy as swallowing 3 or 4 tablets a day. Whether or not you would get enough penicillin from the moldy blue bread to save your life is also a vastly different matter. Try to persuade your wife and 4 year old daughter that Daddy is loving and all wise when he tells his daughter she must eat all the fuzzy looking blue and brown bread every day for the next 2 weeks.

    Food invariably costs at least 5 – 10 times as much as even the most expensive Selenium supplement. None of the foods supposedly containing a good supply of Selenium are either free or cheap – especially not in the quantity you would need to get the amount of Selenium that is effective at preventing or treating Cancer.

    According to the latest food tables you would need to eat HALF A POUND of CHICKEN LIVER EVERY DAY to get the Selenium that is in 1 capsule of SelenoExcell Selenium and 5 POUNDS OF CHICKEN LIVER EVERY DAY to get the Selenium you would get in 10 capsules. 1 capsule of Selenium costs about 10¢. I don’t know where other people shop but I don’t think I could find half a pound of chicken liver – at least not good chicken liver – for 10¢. Raw Oysters are another “rich” source of Selenium and you would only have to eat 1 pound 2 ounces of Raw Oysters to get the Selenium that is in a 10 ¢ capsule. Surely that would be a real bargain. Or your could eat Alaska King Crab which is one of the richest sources of Selenium in the crab family. You would need to eat 6 pounds of King Crab meat – no shells – every day to get the Selenium that is in 10 capsules which cost $1 or less. Maybe the man who made the suggestion knows where we can all get 6 pounds of King Crab meat for 16¢ a pound. Or you could eat 12 whole eggs to get the Selenium that is in 1 capsule. They cost less than 10¢ right? No worries about the 2000+ calories or 7,000 mgs of cholesterol every day – about the same amount of cholesterol as is in 100 Big Macs.

    If you prefer a plant source for your Selenium you would need only 10 cups of regular cooked mushroom pieces to give you the Selenium in 1 capsule or 100 cups of cooked mushroom pieces per day to get the Selenium that is in 10 small capsules. Just think of how easy that would be for somebody with cancer to eat and how much money they would save instead of buying “all those supplements”.

    Tell your wife that you have decided that she is going to eat half a pound of chicken liver every day or 10 cups of mushroom pieces or 12 eggs to replace the 1 selenium capsule that she could take and see how smart she thinks that is. I am sure she will let you know how wise and wonderful that decision of yours is. I can hardly wait for the report from the first cancer sufferer after his first month of eating and 150 pounds or more of the nearly free Chicken Liver, Raw Oysters, Steamed Clams, Beef Liver, Sardines, Crab, Wheat Germ, 180 pounds of roasted Sunflower Seeds, 3600 eggs or whatever else is on the list.

    I suggest the Webber and SelenoExcell Selenium because they have confirmed medical proof that they work. The Webber brand we used for Roger as documented in the eBook by his oncologist and the SelenoExcell which was used in a 10 year trial of 1300 people by the Arizona Cancer Institute and Cornell University with proven cancer prevention results published in 1996 in the Journal of the American Medical Association and in several other 10 year long trials that will be published in the next 2 years.

    If somebody wants to bet their life on some other product, whatever it is, I have no objection. That is their choice. If it works, I think that is wonderful. If it doesn’t work, and they are told they are dying of cancer, I believe that as they are looking for the money to pay for surgery or chemo or radiation plus hospitals and doctors that they will not feel that the few pennies or even dollars they saved were worth the gamble they lost, the price they will have to pay or the suffering they will endure.

    If somebody has another suggestion that is supposed to be as good or better than One Cancer Cure, that is fine with me. I would suggest however, that, before anyone puts their life on the line, they examine whatever medical evidence the proponents of any method can produce to show it has worked for somebody else before they bet their life on it.

    I document in the eBook how Rogers’ cancer started to come back when he switched to a different brand of Selenium than the Webber brand I had originally given him. If we had used that “off brand” in the beginning, Roger would have died, just as the doctor said. If we had given Roger a selection of Brazil nuts and other Selenium containing foods, he would have died. Somehow I can’t see a potentially fatal cancer being forgiving enough to wait around doing nothing while a person tries to figure out how many Brazil nuts, Raw Oysters, Chicken Liver or Sunflower Seeds they need to eat today to kill it.

    Fortunately we found out the “off brand” Selenium supplement was a complete loser in time, put Roger back on the original Webber brand and he started getting well again. It isn’t really just a choice about saving a few pennies here or there. It isn’t a philosophy over what will work. This is a life and death choice.

    My responsibility is to teach people what we did to help Roger. I never dispute with people over their choices. I can teach people what has worked and will work but I cannot think, judge or decide for other people. If somebody wants to do their own thing, their own way, I hope it works for them but as my mother used to tell me as she was teaching me how to cook, “Son, follow the recipe as I wrote it down for you. If you don’t follow the recipe, what you end up with won’t be what you want it to be.” That piece of wisdom can save a lot of lives.

    Warm Regards
    Keith Pendlebury

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