The Summer Survival Mat Keeps You Cool and Could Save Your Life

In the middle of Missouri where I live we had 11 days of 100+ degree weather in late June and early July. The worst of the heat is over for a while, but it’s heating up again. And there’s a lot of summer left.

I pity those who’ve been without power this summer and had no electric fan to keep cool, let alone air conditioning. Yes, I know our ancestors survived for centuries without such modern conveniences. And many around the world live without fans and AC all the time.

But we’ve gotten soft and aren’t used to coping with excessive heat. Summer heat can be a killer, especially for the elderly.

Recently I heard about something that could very well save lives when it’s hot. It’s called the Summer Survival Mat. It supports your body’s own natural cooling mechanism.

The secret is in the nontoxic, water-based, patent-pending gel inside the mat. The gel actually absorbs your body’s heat. When the mat has reached its heat absorption capacity, sset it aside in a cool area of your home and the gel will automatically “reset” for your next use.

A few highlights demonstrate why you’ll want the Summer Survival Mat among your prepping supplies.

  • It works efficiently in environments up to 86 degrees.
  • It’s off the grid technology that doesn’t need batteries or electricity.
  • Reuse again and again.
  • It cools gently, not shockingly like an ice pack.
  • It’s portable and compact, measuring about 36 inches wide by 55 inches long.
  • Your whole body doesn’t need to be in contact with the mat for it to cool you down.
  • Cooling refreshment last for hours so you can sleep more comfortably on hot nights.
  • You could save money on summer electricity bills.
When your skin comes into contact with the mat, your circulatory system moves the cooled blood throughout your entire body. At the same time, it pushes the blood from the warmer parts of your body out to the capillaries in your skin… where the warmer blood is cooled by contact with the Summer Survival Mat.

All you need to do is lie on or sit on the Mat, or drape it across your skin. The cooling begins immediately. Try draping it over your pillow so it comes into contact with the back of your neck. Other quick cooling spots are behind your knees, or even on the soles of your feet.

Get into a comfortable position and let the mat do its magic.

Use the mat to help cool down your child when she has a fever.

It can help keep pets cool, too.

Since the Summer Survival Mat is portable, you can take it along to your un-air conditioned cabin in the woods. Put it in your RV. You might even want to take it to work to stay cool and productive.

To buy your Summer Survival Mat, go to and type key words Summer Survival Mat in the search box. Then click on the image of the mat for more info. Click where it says “View Product Website” to get complete details and place your order.

The Summer Survival Mat provides a simple method of keeping cool. It’s portable and reusable. It needs no power source. And it will not only provide comfort, but could actually save someone’s life–maybe yours.

If you’ve tried one of these Summer Survival Mats, I’d love to know what you think of it. Or if you’ve got advice on how to stay cool, leave a comment and share your thoughts.


4 Responses to “The Summer Survival Mat Keeps You Cool and Could Save Your Life”

  • That’s a cool product. A bit pricey but still neat and maybe even life-saving. Thank you.

    • John:

      Millennium Fly, If I had the money, I wouldn’t mind trying one for myself. For now, I pass along the recommendation for anybody who’s able to get one.

  • Ragnar:

    It sounded like a good idea until I went to the web site. I noted that you, very honestly and openly, stated that it worked efficiently at up to 85 deg. However, I was only interested in it for emergencies, such as the recent power outages at +95 degrees. For information, I went to and (the site Solutions says it the product site). Neither mention the crucial 85 degree issue. In fact, neither site gives any technical information at all. The alleged product site is nothing but a hype advertising site. I don’t know if the Japanese “bought a million of them” but I do know that Japan has never had a surplus of energy and that most Japanese houses are not air conditioned (been there, traveled the country, have relatives who lived there and one who still does). The claims are clearly misleading. The product reeks of scam.

    • John:

      Thanks for your frank comments. I wonder, too, about the mat’s effectiveness above 85 degrees. I’d have to try one out for myself to know for sure. If it works as advertised, I’d think it wouldn’t be totally worthless above that temperature, even if it wouldn’t be as efficient as it might be. I don’t promote many products from Solutions from Science, partly because of their tendency to hype things. Nonetheless, in this case, I figure the Summer Survival Mat could have some value. I’d truly love to hear from someone who either has tried it or is willing to try it. Put the company’s refund policy to the test if you’re not satisfied.

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