A Conversation About Preparedness and Prophecy

Two guests joined me on DestinySurvival Radio. One was Brian Howard, author of When Things Go Boom!. View my post about his first visit here. The other guest was John Wiertzema, whose field of study is Biblical prophecy.

The two of them formed a company called PrepareNOW. But more about that and my thoughts on it later.


Survival Tips

I started our visit by asking Brian a few questions related to his book, which I didn’t have time for when he was on before.

Collecting tree sweat caught my interest from among the many tips Brian offers in When Things Go Boom! Seal a clear plastic bag over the end of a tree branch with foliage, and in a few hours you’ll have collected moisture from the tree’s natural transpiration. The more bags you have, the more water you’ll collect.

Did you know you can start a fire with a Coke can and chocolate? Polish the bottom of the can with chocolate. Then use the can bottom to focus the intensity of sunlight on kindling. Brian says it works.

Brian and I also talked for a bit about primary and personal bug out bags. The leader of your family or group would carry the primary bag, while others have secondary or personal bags. His book spells out specifics.


The Team Effort

We then turned our conversation to the creation of PrepareNOW.tv. While Brian was very interested in prophecy, he was even more interested in Disaster Preparedness. John was interested in Disaster Preparedness, but even more interested in prophecy.

They decided to join forces to pool their respective talents. They believe prepping and prophetic matters fit together. PrepareNOW was formed as a company with a mission of helping people prepare both naturally and spiritually, as they put it. Their motto: PrepareNOW – Preparing for Tomorrow, Today!

Brian told me their Web site was designed to be like a TV station. It was to feature four major areas of subject material…

  • End Time Intel – current events that are happening in the world and relate to disaster preparedness and prophecy
  • Disaster Preparedness Training and Supply – disaster product demonstrations, techniques and reviews
  • End Time University – teachings on biblical prophecy
  • Survivor Kid – videos featuring survivor kid, designed to teach other kids about survival and safety techniques
Update – Their site is no longer available.

At the time this was wrritten, their site had a disaster supply store, and the guys had ambitious plans.

When I interviewed them, Brian and John believed there’s a growing sense of urgency among many in the population. As world events heat up, the guys saw a growing interest in prepping and prophetic issues.

We’re seeing things happen in America and around the world which are unprecedented. The question is, What event will start the dominoes falling?


Thoughts and Questions

I believe anyone who knows the Lord has a survival edge like no other. But should a site on preparedness mix in prophecy? Doesn’t prophecy have the potential to be unnecessarily divisive and distracting?

For example, the title of John Wiertzema’s book is Islam: Whore of Babylon. Does that grab your attention or turn you off?

As a consumer myself, when I want to know about survival and preparedness, that’s what I expect to see. It makes me uncomfortable seeing religion or politics plastered all over a preparedness site. And I don’t care whose site it is.

When I’m looking for something in particular, I don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out if the people behind the site are helpful to me or if they’re people I don’t want to do business with.

If you’ve read my posts here with any regularity, you know I don’t devote much space to Biblical or political issues. Oh, yes, I’ve got my own strongly held opinions and convictions. But I try to bring you info I believe is relevant to prepping and survival.

I assume first of all that you’re interested in preparedness because you already have some notion of what’s happening in the world. Is it safe to assume also that you don’t care what my views are about the end times? Does it matter that I don’t hold to the same view of the end times as Brian and John?

If I were in charge of Brian’s and John’s site, I would have separated it into two. One site would focus strictly on preparedness. It would have a link to the second site so viewers would have the option to check it out at their leisure.

I’d also dispense with making anyone subscribe to what should be open for all to see. Why make anyone feel shut out or feel like they need to belong to an exclusive group?

By the way, we didn’t get into any of this during our conversation. I had them on because I wanted Brian back on to talk more about his book. It was his idea to bring on John Wiertzema, and I went along with it. I gave them the chance to tell their story.

Brian and John are both likeable guys. I have no doubt we’re brothers in Christ. They may lead a number of people to the Lord. That would be a wonderful thing.

Having said all that, Hear my interview with Brian Howard and John Wiertzema when you listen to DestinySurvival Radio for July 12, 2012.

I believe Brian’s book When Things Go Boom! deserves to be in your survival library. He acknowledges his faith, but doesn’t get preachy. The book sticks to prepping and survival advice. See my review here.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.