Ammo Review: .38 Special for Your Prepping Supplies and Home Defense

Ammo box of .38 Special 

I was contacted by to see if I’d do a review for them. They agreed to send me a box of my choice of ammunition at no cost to me in exchange for a review here. offers popular calibers and brands of ammunition. After consulting with my friend Gerald, I opted to try out a box of .38 Special.

The company prides themselves on speedy delivery. My box of ammo was shipped May 23rd and arrived by FedEx on May 29th. I suspect it would have arrived earlier if not for the Memorial Day weekend.

I received a box of 50 rounds of Prvi Partizan 158 grain, lead round nose cartridges in .38 Special. You can find a product description here.

The cartridges appeared bright and new. Brass was shiny, and the lead slugs looked like they had been recently loaded. The fact that the cases are brass and the primers are boxer makes these rounds good choices for reloading.

It was a surprise to discover that this ammo was made in Serbia.

This past Friday, June 1st, four of us got together to try it out. We used two revolvers. One was a short barrelled Taurus. The other was an older Colt police type revolver with a four inch barrel.



Buddy shoots through chronograph 

We used a chronograph and recorded a modest velocity in the range of 702 to 811 fps. Most readings were in the high 700’s. We got higher velocities from the Colt revolver with the four inch barrel.

Our friend Buddy thought the variation indicated slight differences in powder measures when the ammo was manufactured.


Chronograph reading


We shot paper targets at a distance of roughly 15 yards. Accuracy was reasonable for all four of us.

We didn’t use the chronograph for all of our shots. We were having fun evaluating the ammo as we shot up our supply of targets.


John shoots beside chronograph 

It was our consensus that These rounds are pleasant to fire even in a lighter gun. Beginning shooters would also find these rounds pleasant to shoot.

The round nose slug may be considered old fashioned by modern shooters. But it’s still good for home defense because not too many who are hit by them will continue to charge you.

Buddy suggested these cartridges would be good for those who use .38 Special for cowboy shooting outings.

We can recommend this Prvi Partizan .38 Special ammunition for inclusion in your prepping supplies because the brass is suitable for reloading, and the mild loads would be suitable for self defense. The price is friendly, too.


Grouping on target


In addition to offering a wide variety of ammunition for sale, also regularly stocks great deals on ammo cans and reloading supplies. They offer weekly specials you can sign up for as well.

Reach the company at (800) 581-0293 or

Incidentally, you need to be of legal age and have a squeaky clean record to comply with their Terms of Use. Among other things, those terms spell out the states where they can’t send their products.

My thanks to for giving me this opportunity. My thanks also to each one who helped make this review possible.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.