Body Armor Saves United States Police Officers Lives

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When an officer goes to work, they need to be sure that they are safe and protected. Officers need to stay physically fit so that they are able to run after suspects when needed. They need to be properly certified on the weapons that they use so that they can be sure they are able to fire them properly. They need to be trained on the laws for their jurisdiction so that they can be sure they are able to enforce them properly. The most important thing an officer needs to use on a daily basis is their body armor.

Body armor gives officers the ability to protect themselves from threats that they may encounter. Many officers do not have to face direct fire from an assault on a daily basis. There are many officers who are fired upon at least once throughout their career. Being protected as well as possible during those attacks can mean the difference between life and death for an officer. There are many different types of vest from which an officer can choose to wear. It is important for an officer to consider the threats that he or she could encounter before choosing a vest.

Many police departments will issue a vest to an officer when they come to work at the department. The vests are typically not in the best condition and do not offer the officers the protection they need. It is a good idea for any officer to make the investment into their own personal body armor. This will allow them to get body armor that is the right size for them and that offers the protection that they need.

When choosing the body armor the officer needs to consider if they will be coming into close contact with criminals or if they will be at an extended distance from them. If an officer is going to be arresting individuals, there is a chance that hand-to-hand battle could occur. The officer needs to get a vest that is stab and ballistic proof. This will help them to be sure that they are safe from knives and small arms fire alike. These types of vests can go underneath of the officers’ uniform so that they are undetectable. These vests are typically lightweight and made from breathable material so that the officer can remain comfortable throughout the day.

There are also vests that an officer can wear if he or she thinks that they may come into contact with larger ammunitions. The vests must be worn over the clothing, as they are large and bulky. These types of body armor are typically a bit on the heavy side and cause many officers to feel a bit restricted in the quickness of their movements. Regardless of the type of body armor, an officer chooses to wear, it is important for them to wear body armor on a daily basis. It is a shame when an officer is lost in the line of duty and it is even more troublesome when the death could have been avoided if the officer had been wearing the right body armor. – The new & used quality Kevlar® body armor specialists. Offering next day delivery on a range of body armor products.

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