How Prepared Are You To Survive the Coming Storm?

If you’re one of those people who knows things aren’t right in America any more, and you know you need to start preparing for whatever’s coming, then Ray Gano wrote Survive the Coming Storm especially for you.

Ray is the executive director of and was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio for May 10, 2012 to talk about his book. I’ve chosen it as my DestinySurvival Pick of the Week.

Survive the Coming Storm is over 200 pages in paperback.

Ray’s open and frank about his faith in his book and quotes several Scripture passages. Some verses are quoted numerous times throughout the book for emphasis.

Ray is from New Braunfels, Texas, where he and his family experienced fallout from Hurricane Katrina and the swine flu flare-up a few years back. Those events were motivators that helped propel him and his family into a more active mode of preparedness. It’s a shocker when you shop for supplies and there are none to be had.

Ray believes we’re headed for disaster and disruption brought on by economic collapse. We’re incredibly in debt, and the dollar is doomed. Hyperinflation and rampant crime are headed our way.

He’s certainly not alone in that forecast, though scenarios from one analyst to another vary as to specifics. Too many are saying these things for us to ignore them.

He cites historical examples of how America has come back from economic troubles in the past, even if it took years. Supposedly cycles have a way of working themselves out. Therefore, he thinks we’ll come back again after whatever’s coming down the pike this time.

I don’t share his optimism, and I don’t see how he can hold to his. When we talked about this on DestinySurvival Radio, I got the impression his hope hangs by a thin thread.

The “new normal” he writes about is like that of a Third World country. While I agree that this is likely to happen, I believe we’ll fall so much farther and harder than we’ve ever fallen before that the repeating cycle pattern will be broken.

Our dependence on computerized technology and the lack of character and moral fiber we had in past generations is the kiss of death on our society. And I don’t foresee enough Americans turning back to God in the face of calamity to make things better.

It’s up to you and me to make sure our own households survive, regardless of what the rest of the country does.

Ray quotes from Ecclesiastes 1:9 to say there’s nothing new under the sun. I agree with that. But our modern time has never seen the likes of what’s likely headed our way. Life as we know it will change irrevocably.

Having said that, I’m gratified that Ray says this won’t be the beginning of the Great Tribulation written about in the Scriptures. I agree with him on that, too. Ray and I touched on that and other end time matters when he was on DestinySurvival Radio with me.

As with other books on prepping, Ray gives advice on what food to store. You can do well with carefully chosen canned foods. Have a dehydrator on hand, too.

The rule, of course, is to buy what you’ll eat. Then eat what you buy. Ray also recommends the Shelf Reliance (now Thrive Life) shelving systems as a convenient means of food storage.

A preview of his next book discusses edible begonias. I like the direction he’s headed with that. We need to know about edible plants of all kinds.

I appreciate Ray’s attitude of readiness. He encourages us to imagine life threatening scenarios and visualize how we’d handle them. For example, could you face an attacker with handgun or knife drawn in self defense?

He shares his preference for knives in one chapter. In another he discusses firearms and calibers.

He’s partial to 9 mm Glocks, but says good things about .22’s as well. The 20 gauge shotgun is written about favorably, too. The AR-15 or AK-47 aren’t high on his list for prepping. But you’ll have to read the relevant section in his book for his full analysis.

Ray also writes about everyday carry (EDC) and becoming the “gray man.” The idea is to blend in. Don’t stand out by dressing in camo or looking like you’re ready to fight the world. I’m reminded of similar advice given in Selco’s One Year in Hell course.

Whether you agree or disagree with Ray’s Christian beliefs or his thoughts on our economic situation, he’s right in saying we’re going to have a “new normal.” And you and I had better be ready for it.

Get Survive the Coming Storm by clicking on its title wherever you see it linked in this post.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.