How Great is the Threat of Zombies from the City?

I despise the term “zombies.” I only use it below because it has taken on certain meaning in the contexst of survival and prepping.

Recently, while chatting with a friend, the topic of survival in cities came up. We talked a bit about Selco’s One Year in Hell course material because his SHTF experience took placed in a city.

The majority of the population where Selco lived stayed put after war ravaged the city. Urban survival became possible for many as they formed various groups, ranging from families to gangs. Couples or individuals didn’t fare so well.

If we have an EMP, turmoil resulting in martial law, or some other major life changing scenario, will people leave the cities in droves? Will we have so-called zombies roving the countryside?

I suspect there won’t be many. I think most people, including urban preppers, will stay where they are. There will be the hope that things will return to normal before long. Even if that’s not the case, there’s infrastructure and services rural areas don’t have.

If those services go away, the density of population means greater chances for linking up with others for neighborhood watches or for barter and trade. Buildings or other sites for scavenging are closer and more numerous than in the country.

That doesn’t mean some from the cities won’t leave and attempt to plunder the countryside. But the city is more familiar turf for those who live there. Out of necessity, sheltering in place might be the best option for most.

Of course, I hope we don’t have to put any of this to the test because millions will die. But prepping means considering the unthinkable.

Here’s the bottom line as I see it. Unless individuals have made prior arrangements to bug out to a secondary location, my guess is people will stay where they are.

What do you think? Is this idealistic or naive? How great do you think the threat of so-called zombies from the city really is? Leave a comment below and have your say.


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