Are Solar Storms Headed Our Way? – Find Out Before Anybody Else

Officials are taking solar storms seriously these days. We’re due for major events like those of 1859 and 1921. Could a killer solar storm threaten our survival?

Experts disagree. But below I’ll tell you how you can know what’s going on with the sun before anybody else.

Effects of solar storms may range in intensity. They also may have an impact on certain parts of the world more than others.

We could experience…

  • Degredation of radio signals
  • GPS malfunctions
  • Power outages lasting days, weeks, or longer…

Now and then the mainstream media touts the dangers of solar storms and a giant solar EMP. But then nothing happens.

But what about the next solar event?

Now you can know about solar storms and flares when the experts know. You won’t have to rely on the mainstream media’s misguidance.

If there’s a significant solar storm on the way, you’ll know 2-4 days before it bombards us. That gives you time to stock up on last minute items or fill the car with gas before everybody else does.

FlareAware is the notification service dedicated specifically to alerting you of the potentially hazardous solar flares and coronal mass ejections.

For the price of a pizza you can have your personal “solar shield” of awareness. That way you can take steps to protect vehicles, electronics, business equipment, friends, family and yourself.

FlareAware lets you…

  • Stay updated with announcements
  • Get answers from their community
  • Share your feature suggestions with them

FlareAware will alert you through phone text and voice messaging. It’s like the text weather alerts offered by many local radio and TV stations, only you’ll know what’s going on with the sun. You’ll know ahead of time about the sun’s huge magnetic explosions, called flares, and the CMEs (giant plumes of super heated plasma ejected into space) that often come with them.

Watch the video below and you’ll find out more.



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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.