Get Life Saving Info from a Former Police Chief and Preparedness Expert

If you were in a car accident, would you stand outside the car near passing traffic?

When you travel, do you look for the fire escape in your hotel?

What would you do if you heard shots fired at your place of work?

How would you treat a knife or gun shot wound?

Would you react to these situations with common sense and a cool head? Do you believe those around you would know what to do?

The fact is, most of us haven’t had training to handle crisis situations. We need help and guidance.

Dennis Evers addresses a wide variety of situations in How to Handle a Crisis. It’s a reference book on how to survive situations you might not have thought of like:

  • Active Shooter
  • Aircraft Safety
  • Auto Emergencies
  • Chemical Emergencies
  • Coping with Trauma
  • Identity Theft
  • Hotel Safety and Security
  • Terrorism
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Sheltering in Place
  • Domestic Violence
  • Natural Disasters and Weather
  • Post Disaster Safety
  • First Aid
  • Food and Water Safety

Dennis didn’t wake up one day and decide to just put together some survival book. He’s pulled thisinformation into one place from a variety of sources and set it up for you to find the info you need in seconds.

His background qualifies him as a trustworthy source of preparedness information. He’s been a small town police chief and has worked fatal airplane wrecks, car accidents, domestic situations, incidents involving drugs, homicide and more.

His training includes officer survival, terrorism, gang intervention, hostage negotiations and explosives. He’s also been a certified EMT, volunteer firefighter and academy and college instructor. Altogether he has over 30 years of emergency planning experience.

As if that weren’t enough, he’s a father of 11, so he’s keenly aware of what it takes to practice preparedness with a family in mind.

How to Handle a Crisis is less technical than another book he wrote several years ago for police to use. That first book proved there’s a growing need for useful information by ordinary people.

Accidents and emergencies don’t announce themselves ahead of time. That’s why you and I need to know what to do until help can arrive. And with law enforcement and emergency services forced to make cuts, you need to know how to do as much on your own as possible. Be proactive.

Being aware and observant of your surroundings could save you from a lot of trouble. It might even save your life. It sounds so simple, but is so often neglected.

Dennis calls himself a practical prepper and wants to help you be one, too.

Meanwhile, listen to my conversation with Dennis Evers on DestinySurvival Radio for March 22, 2012. You may have seen his guest post about his experience with National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers.” If you missed it, view it here.

I recommend Dennis’s book as a good companion to It’s A Disaster! …And What Are YOU Gonna Do About It? by Bill and Janet Liebsch. Get How to Handle a Crisis by first clicking on its title wherever you see it linked in this post.

Dennis’s book is one you should have in your survival library. It’s worth having all the useful info you can if it helps you and your loved ones survive.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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