Confront Survival Reality Through One Man’s Year in Hell

Most of us in America have never been through war. We say the aftermath of a tornado or hurricane looks like a war zone, but it’s not the same as what happens in an actual war.

We hear talk about SHTF That’s when the stuff hits the fan. (You know what word the “S” stands for.) But we haven’t truly lived through it. Our prepping efforts may or may not be adequate.

We aren’t prepared for the shock, confusion, horror, brutality, humiliation and deprivation war would bring. Americans haven’t experienced anything like it since the Civil War.

The man known as Selco lived through war that came to his European city some 20 years ago, and his experiences can help you survive an SHTF scenario.

War seemed like an improbable prospect for Selco and those in his city, even when it came within a few miles. He and his family weren’t prepared for it. Few were. The media said all would be well.

Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege. There was no electricity, running water, food distribution or medical services. In an online course called “One Year in Hell,” he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions.

A few sentences from the course introduction give you its flavor.

“This course is about the simple and raw side of survival and not the fancy bells and whistles part….There is nothing wrong with trying to prepare to keep your living standard even if TSHTF, but that is not the point of this course….The focus here is on the uncomfortable, stinky, brutal and depressing side of survival.”

Selco notes we often don’t learn until we’re forced to. So he shares with you and me what he discovered and experienced personally.

But his preparations for survival didn’t stop when things got better. And ours shouldn’t either. The warning signs for serious trouble are all around us. It’s anybody’s guess as to what we might face next.

What if we have chaos in America? Perhaps only certain parts of the country will be affected. Even so, life as we’ve known it could come to anend.

What sort of behavior will people revert to? Will they group together to survive as familyes? Gangs? Both? How many will try to tough it out on their own? How many will give up and commit suicide?

Here’s a sampling of what’s revealed in Selco’s “One Year in Hell” course.

  • Who survived and thrived…and who didn’t
  • The first signs of SHTF
  • When to “bug out” or flee, and when to stay put
  • Home defense setup
  • Common threats and tactics of attackers and how to handle them
  • Why “grey” people tend to survive better than people who are all good or all bad
  • Why it’s important to be part of a group, and how to pick the right people for your group
  • Advice for trading during chaotic times
  • The most essential medical supplies to have on hand
  • The tools you don’t want to be without

Roughly eight hours of audio files contain fascinating and instructive interviews with Selco in which he describes what it was like before, during and after war. If you’re serious about gleaning all you can from the course, take the time to listen through all of the interviews, and watch the videos. They last from a few minutes to nearly an hour.

The interviews consist of two guys talking. If you’re not accustomed to listening to someone speak with a Central European accent, you’ll need to listen closely. But there’s no distracting background music or fancy production.

In places the content of the interviews is personal, frank and graphic. Yet it’s not crude. The same is true for the videos and survival guide material.

Would you and I react differently if we had to face total disruption of life? How would we handle the loss of control over our daily affairs? What would we do in the face of on and off again tensions?

How would we cope without electricity and running water? What would we do in the absence of medical services?

While survival skills are critical, mindset is an important component of what you’re exposed to in Selco’s course. For example, controlling ego and keeping your mouth shut will go a long way toward survival. Accept reality and don’t deny it. You must believe in yourself.

Guiding principles rather than rules throughout the course will help you implement your own survival strategy. The supply list gets specific, but it’s not hard and fast for you. Your needs may vary.

Supply categories include food, water, hygiene , first aid and weapons. Something as simple as alcohol can help maintain hygiene and health. You’ll want to have some things on hand for trade and barter, too.

The survival guide and supply lists are available as downloadable PDF files. You also get access to forums for exchanging information.

As to price, the course is a modest $29.95. It’s not marketing hype to say that’s very inexpensive for all the valuable information you get.

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the course area. This is a tremendous value, especially if something in this material can save your life or that of a loved one.

Click here for Selco’s One Year in Hell Online Survival Course.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.