Survival Transportation–Will You Be Driving or Rowing When You Bug Out?

We hear a lot about bug out bags, but what about the vehicle you’ll use for getting out of Dodge? Will it be your car? A van or SUV? What about a bike? Or a canoe?

Scott B. Williams, author of Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters, was my DestinySurvival Radio guest this week. This book is a follow up to his first book on bugging out called Bug Out.

Scott’s an adventurer and writer who knows a great deal about his subject matter. He has traveled thousands of miles on waterways in the U.S., Canada and abroad. He’s even built a number of boats.

In his most recent book, Scott covers an amazing array of vehicles and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. He brings up things you might not have thought of.

Scott’s goal was to give you and me a variety of options to consider. Plus, there are tips on how to keep a low profile. They could be life savers in tense survival situations.

His book is also about various means of shelter, both temporary and semi-permanent. We barely had time to touch on that, and I hope to have him back on the show to talk about shelters.

In this post I can only touch on highlights of our conversation. We talked about the book on vehicles and shelters, which offers a great introduction and overview to many topics.

Will your present car get you where you want to go? Is an RV suitable? Which bike do you want to ride? Thinking of converting an old bus? How about building your own boat?

Scott says to consider your particular situation. What do you have at your disposal now? Where do you want to go? That will have a bearing on what vehicle you need and whether you travel on land or water.

Perhaps the greatest argument for getting away on water is that the majority of the population won’t be using it.

Have you thought about how many ways you’re being tracked when you travel? There’s your cell phone when you make a call, and OnStar, if your car has it. But what if you don’t want your location to be noticed?

Taking bike trails is one option for staying off the main roads. But how do you find out where those trails are near you?

We discussed these topics and much more. Listen to my interview with Scott B. Williams to hear it all on DestinySurvival Radio for February 2, 2012 Check out Scott’s Web sites at or Order Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters when you click on its title in this post.

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