2012: Could This be the Year…?

This post has been updated to reflect the fact that the world didn’t end in 2012. But does that mean nothing ever will happen?

2012 was the topic of much sensationalism. You no doubt heard your share of it. But it’s anybody’s guess as to what year it will be when things come crashing down.

Solar cycle 24 didn’t bring down the power grid or communications. But could solar flares do that in the not too distant future?

Will we have more Fukushima-type events? or will it be the economy that brings us down?

What if it’s a combination of one or more of these? What if it’s something nobody’s expecting at all?

Are there real threats this year? Will we see the end of the world? How should we take the hype? What’s real and what’s not?

Crystal Abrahams is the author of 2012 Survival Guide, and she was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio.

Oddly enough, we started by pondering the possibility that nothing may happen. That’s important to prepare for, too. You don’t want to make a life changing mistake you’ll have to live down for years to come.

The similarities and differences between 2012 and Y2K influenced my discussion with Crystal. Regardless of what you may have thought of Y2K, we live in a very different time now with a different set of threats.

One similarity between now and 1999 is the possibility the power grid could go down. Granted, it may happen for different reasons than many thought in those pre-Y2K days, but the possibility of long term power outage does exist.

Perhaps an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from an atomic blast will do it. Maybe a monster solar storm will be the culprit. On the other hand, maybe the whole system won’t go down. But how well prepared are you to live off the grid if your area is affected?

Did you know there are those who can control the power in your home? Would officials shut off your power during martial law? Find out why Crystal Abrahams wanted to get off the grid by listening to the DestinySurvival Radio episode linked below.

At the time I originally wrote this post, December 21, 2012, looked like it could be a significant date, according to the Mayan calendar. While we didn’t see the end of the world on that day, certain events were expected to converge around that time.

Other questions are worth consideration. What role might HAARP, chemtrails and Fukushima radiation play? Will we have a super eruption from a volcano? What if we have another catastrophe like Fukushima or the BP Gulf spew?

Only time will tell.

Crystal’s book, 2012 Survival Guide, is a large book that covers an incredible array of possible scenarios and solutions. She delves into the realm the uninitiated would call “conspiracy theory.”

But there’s plenty of documentation to back up what she says. In the kind of world we live in these days, it would be foolish to overlook it.

We didn’t have time on my show to go into much of the book’s contents. I encourage you to get a copy and explore it for yourself. You’ll find that it will be good for years after 2012.

Be sure to hear my interview with Crystal by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for January 26, 2012. Get 2012 Survival Guide by clicking on its title wherever you see it linked in this post. That takes you to the page where it’s featured, and you can order from there.

What threats do you think are real or contrived? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

2 thoughts on “2012: Could This be the Year…?”

  1. I have a family member who prepared for Y2K and learned about emergency preparations that way. Since then she has continued to be prepared and says she is thankful for the experience. I am glad you ask the question about 2012.
    If we assume this could be a year of drastic changes we will be prepared for anything that does occur.

    1. I hope more people will take prepping seriously. I think we’re seeing somewhat of an awakening because we’ve already seen so many big events, such as the BP disaster in the Gulf and Fukushima. Plus, things like the economy keep building. It’s hard to avoid the fact that things have changed significantly already. Whatever else happens this year will make it a notable year indeed.

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