Earthquake Survival–ShakeOut Time

You’ve heard how important it is to conduct preparedness drills at home, at school, or at work. With that in mind, below is brief info on ShakeOut drills for earthquake survival. These drills involve several states in regions throughout the country.

For example, for the central states, learn how your business, agency, volunteer or youth group, church or organization can participate in this multistate drill … plus find flyers, videos, games, widgets and many more resources at

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Note: When I mention these ShakeOut drills, I hear from readers who question the effectiveness of the “drop, cover and hold” procedure during an earthquake. Watch the short video below to find out about the Triangle of Life. Then draw your own conclusions. Which method would you rather practice during an earthquake?



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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.