Herbal Medicine for Survival–Shonda Parker Shares Helpful Insights

Professional herbalist Shonda Parker was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio. When it comes to herbalism and alternative medicine for your family, how can you sort out the truth from the baloney? We discussed that and more.

Shonda co-authored Naturally Healthy Cuisine: Real Food for Real Families with Vickilynn Haycraft. She’s also written Naturally Healthy Pregnancy, Mommy Diagnostics, and Naturally Healthy Woman.

Shonda offers several practical courses on her Web site as well. She has also developed her own product line especially for women’s health. And she’s responsible for formulating about 30 other herbal products she hopes will be on the market in a few months as of this writing.

Necessity drove Shonda to explore herbalism and natural healing. She discovered herbs offer a means of preventing a lot of illnesses and problems. They’re the best line of defense for common ailments, like upset stomach or colds. And they’re more gentle as medicine. They’re important as food, too.

It’s her passion to see more herbalists serving the needs of their communities. She’s not opposed to conventional medicine though. In fact, she has had to make use of it herself to get through major health challenges.

Nonetheless, she believes in the body’s ability to help itself overcome the majority of the illnesses it faces. But it’s important to be well informed when you have to make those tough choices.

I asked Shonda how she sorts through the mixed messages from so many who teach herbalism. In a nutshell, coming from a Christian perspective, she does her best to be discerning and determine what’s effective and safe.

She also shared insights on finding a trustworthy herbalist. Or you might consider becoming one yourself.

Making herbal medicines may seem intimidating, especially at first, but Shonda encourages you to have fun with it. It’s not difficult to make an infusion or a tincture. She says if you can make tea, you can make herbal medicine. Plenty of resources are available to help get you started.

It’s best to buy herbs in bulk. One of the sources she recommends is Mountain Rose Herbs. Shonda recommends making a big batch of something like a tincture because it stores better in that form. Be sure to keep it out of heat and light. A tincture may store for five years.

Shonda is providing a valuable service and ministry outreach to women and families.She’s accomplished a lot and has been through a lot, all while being mother to seven children. I found her to be well spoken, down to earth and encouraging.

You’ll want to hear the whole discussion I had with her on DestinySurvival Radio for January 19, 2012. Shonda’s informative Web site and blog are at http://www.naturallyhealthy.org.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.