Survival Tip–Be More Like Cats

This short video is just for fun. But when it comes to survival, shouldn’t we be more like cats?

If you agree, share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. What do you think we can learn from cats about survival?



Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

6 thoughts on “Survival Tip–Be More Like Cats”

  1. Cats certainly are survival minded (as are most animals) in that they instinctively understand when and how to exert themselves… most of the time opting to lay back, of course. Perhaps I should act more like my dog then? Although I imagine my wife wouldn’t appreicate that much. 🙂

  2. Cats are survival machines.They have all the equipment and survival skill set needed to survive built in.They are fast,very stealthy,and great balance.They have a nasty set of teeth and a set of claws to attack,hold,and eat prey as well as climb to escape their earthbound predators.let’s not forget their built-in fur coats which in most cases provide some measure of camo. They are independent self-preservationists that need no help surviving in most any setting.Once I saw a buddies 3-legged cat snatch a low flying cardinal out of that’s survival with the odds against you.As you may have noticed most of the cats survival skills depend on its
    athletisism and physical abilities.So I suggest to all of us(myself included to get up off the couch and that computer chair and get into shape. No survival tool or new gadget will save or end your life faster than being in lousy shape. that belly is gonna weigh and slow you down alot more than a 30 pound pack.Your body is the begining of your survival gear. KEEP IT SHARP and PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.

  3. I believe that millenniumfly has cited the outstanding survival trait of cats, not to exert themselves if there is nothing to be gained. Instead of being frustrated when there is no opportunity in action they may relax or even go to sleep. The cats I have had learned their habitat very well by exploring. When they want to hide they can be very clever in concealing themselves.If stealth is needed they are masters of quitness. And there is the term “scaredy cat”, because they flee from or avoid dangerous situations where they are unable to prevail. Maybe the adage “Discretion is the better part of valor” describes them well.”

    1. Good points, Gerald. They’re definitely good at stealth when they want to be. Our cats like it when they lose a collar because they get around without making any noise. They’re pretty good at doing so even with a collar on. They sure make themselves known when they want attention though.

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