What Medical Issues Might We Face After a Collapse? – Part 2

My guests on DestinySurvival Radio this week were Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. We finished working our way through the top ten medical issues we may face after a collapse. In case you missed last week’s show and my post about it, view part 1 here.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are very knowledgeable and share practical information based on their combined medical experience. They promote integrated medicine–a combination of conventional and natural medical solutions.

This week we covered the following issues.

  • Dental issues (toothache, loose crowns and lost fillings)
  • Major traumatic injury (fractures, occasional knife and/or gunshot wounds)
  • Burn injuries (all degrees)
  • Pregnancy and Birth Control
Dr. Bones says doctors who work in austeer environments report that they see people with dental complaints equal in number to other medical issues. It’s very important to practice prevention to avoid problems with your teeth. Sugary foods and drinks promote damaging bacterial growth.

I’d strongly recommend having toothbrushes and dental floss among your survival supplies. Have toothpaste or baking soda as well. For replacing fillings, have essential oil of cloves and medical grade zinc oxide powder on hand.

On the topic of major traumatic injuries, talk centered on how to tell the difference between fractures and sprains, as well as recognizing and treating open and closed fractures. The discussion about dealing with knife and bullet wounds may surprise you, but medical care after a collapse will be different than today’s modern medical treatment.

Nurse Amy gave a concise overview of how to treat burns. I’d suggest keeping raw, unprocessed honey in your survival supplies.

Finally, we only had time to touch on pregnancy and birth control. Dr. Bones’s advice: In the early stages of collapse, don’t multiply. Pregnancy can be the cause of as much concern as joy.

During the show Amy announced her Doom and Bloom(tm) Family Medical Bag is available. If you’ve wanted a medical kit that combines conventional and alternative medical solutions, this bag is for you. It includes over 500 items that will let you treat 90% of the medical issues we’ll face in times of trouble.

For more info go to DoomAndBloom.net You’ll find many informative articles on the site Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy have put together.

Each of the top ten medical issues discussed in this week’s show and last week’s deserve their own show. I’ve only been able to introduce you to the subject. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy have written a book that expands on these issues and more. It’s The Survival Medicine Handbook, revised and updated from its first edition, which was available originally at the time of the conversations referenced in this post.

I hasten to add that I didn’t do these two shows with them to promote their book. I heard them go through this list on one of their own shows, and I knew I wanted to pass the info along to you because it’s so important.

I encourage you to hear DestinySurvival Radio for December 15, 2011 for our conversation.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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