Why Should Ya Wanna Know ‘Bout Cookin’ Grub fer Mountain Men?

This week’s DestinySurvival Pick is a cookbook called GRUB! Cookin’ fer Mountain Men, by Russ “Grizz” Davis. It’s a bit out of the ordinary. However, it should prove useful if you’re looking for “down home” recipes to put in your survival kitchen.

This is a 118 page paperback revised and published in 1992. The author’s accomplishments include spending a lot of time teaching outdoor cooking in boy scout camps. Therefore, he’s writing from real life experience.

Whether you’re planning a wilderness camping trip or want to try some old fashioned recipes at home, you’ll appreciate this book. It uses basic ingredients, like flour, salt and corn meal. Many recipes call for bacon grease or other cooking oil.

Chapters cover cooking gear and staples, breads, meats and stews, potatoes, rice, pasta, lentils and beans, trail mixes, and more. There’s even a chapter devoted to puddings and other sweets. One chapter discusses coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The last few pages contain a recipe index.

The chapter on bread gives a couple of basic mixes and recipes for biscuits, pancakes, skillet bread, fry bread and more. Recipes for hardtackand parched corn are in a later chapter on “PackA-Longs.”

The chapter on meats and stews tells you how to make jerky, pemmican, salt pork, fried chicken, gravy, and more.

There are other recipes for sweet and sour spuds, Indian stew and Hoppin’ John, in case you want to use up black-eyed peas.

The final chapter of recipes has directions for making burgoo, a catch-all stew that can feed several dozen or several hundred.

Regrettably, GRUB! Cookin’ fer Mountain Men is difficult to read for a couple of reasons. The printing looks like it was done on an old dot matrix printer, giving it the appearance of having been hand printed.

It’s also written in dialect with misspellings and contracted words. That may be clever to fit the mountain man theme, but tends to make it a bit tough to get through.

Nonetheless, this little book is a great resource for old fashioned and sometimes hard to find basic recipes. To put a copy of GRUB! Cookin’ fer Mountain Men in your survival kitchen, click on the book’s title wherever you see it in this post. That takes you to the page where you can place your order.

You may not be cooking for mountain men, but if you want to know how to cook like folks did in times past for survival in the future, get this book and explore the possibilities.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

2 thoughts on “Why Should Ya Wanna Know ‘Bout Cookin’ Grub fer Mountain Men?”

  1. So glad to hear the theme of the Mountain Men. If a person had their skills they could thrive in difficult times. To me they represent the top of the line in independent living. The book sounds fascinating.

    1. Thanks. Since the author taught outdoor cooking at Boy Scout camps, I figure he’s going to give useful info. I’d love to hear from anyone else who goes camping or wilderness survival and either has or buys the book..

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