The LifeStraw Personal Water Filtration System

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filtration System

After hearing an interview about the LifeStraw personal water filtration system, I knew I wanted to tell you about it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available for sale here in the U.S. then. So I was thrilled to read a review on RiverWalker’s blog about the LifeStraw.

I’m excited to let you know you can now purchase the LifeStraw on DestinySurvival from

What is the LifeStraw?

It’s one of the neatest, inexpensive, little water filtration systems you’ll ever see. It’s nine inches long and one inch wide and weighs in at just two ounces. It doesn’t require batteries or need extra chemicals. LifeStraw will filter up to 264 gallons of water.

If you can suck through a straw, you can use the LifeStraw. Inside it has specialized filters. All you do is put one end into dirty water and start sucking the clean water up through the top.

The LifeStraw can be used to drink dirty water because it takes out the junk. It can come in handy in the aftermath of natural disasters, such as floods, which can shut down municipal water treatment systems.

LifeStraw filters down to 0.2 microns in size. That means it takes out virtually all the bacteria and protozoa from contaminated water. It cuts down on turbidity or muddiness by filtering out suspended particles.

It’s important to note that the LifeStraw currently does not filter heavy metals or viruses, and will not take salt out of water.

The LifeStraw is ideal for camping, hunting, hiking, or other outdoor adventures. Take one along if you’re traveling to other countries or wherever you can’t trust the water to be clean. Click on the LifeStraw ad below and get one for each member of your family and put them among your survival supplies.

The LifeStraw was initially invented for distribution in underdeveloped countries where clean water is difficult to come by. In fact, for every 10 LifeStraws sells, they’ll donate one to be used overseas where it’s needed. That means the more you buy for yourself and your family, the more LifeStraws can help pass along to other familyes abroad.


The Award Winning LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


Note: Comments below this post are associated with a contest in which the LifeStraw was the prize. Readers were asked to daydream about prepping supplies they might like from EarthEasy.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

17 thoughts on “The LifeStraw Personal Water Filtration System”

  1. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I’m so excited to see that the straws are available to the general public now. If money were no object I’d love to have a solar cooker to try.

    1. Good choice. carries the Global Sun Oven, which is an excellent solar cooker. I interviewed the president of the Sun Oven company on DestinySurvival Radio a while back.

  2. If I had my choice I’d purchase one of those manual push lawn mowers.
    Not only does the grass get cut but you also build up your stamina and maybe trim a little off the old gut . All good things especially if your in a potential no electrical power scenerio

  3. Hey John, this is a great contest! My choice would be a Global Sun Oven Dehydration and Preparedness Kit. I like that you can use it to cook and to dehydrate. And it also has a lot of cool accessories with it.

    People would be really missing out to pass up on a chance for the Lifestraw for the cheap “price” of a comment.

    Good luck to everyone who enters!

  4. If I had my choice I would purchase one of the large greenhouses. My son and I have been talking of buying/building one for quite sometime now. I too really like the Global Sun Oven. Another item I have been thinking about for awhile now.

  5. My choice from the site would be to outfit the entire house with led bulbs. It would reduce our electricity use and need to replace bulbs so frequently.

  6. I would buy a large parcel of land with springs at the 6000′ to 8000′ elevation. It would have a large river running through and abundant wildlife. a meadow for a garden and two peaks to build a domed steel building that could be covered with three feet of dirt for CME’s.

    1. I’m sure you can find some of what you need from, the company providing the LifeStraw. I hope you looked at their site by clicking on the ad for LifeStraw.

  7. Thanks for the contest! I was not able to see a banner ad for, but I navigated my browser there and checked out their products and bookmarked the site. Wow, they have a lot of good stuff – hard to pick just 1 item. I really like their composters, and other gardening items, but hands-down, for any preps (and just a super cool factor) I would have to go with the Global Sun Oven [] that is just too cool.
    I know it is possible to make your own, but this looks like a very high quality product, and I would love to add it to my set.


    1. The Sun Oven is an excellent choice and one other commenters like as well.

      The LifeStraw banner takes you right to the Eartheasy site, specifically to the page featuring LifeStraw. You can navigate the rest of the site from the tabs at the top of that page.

  8. Hey John… GR8 contest! It’s funny, I just found out about LifeStraw recently, then I check back in with UR site & find out about this contest – Pretty cool!

    As a survivalist and a dad, I have been very concerned about having enough food for everyone in our family. We have 3 kids, & are having to provide for them with only 1 paycheck coming in. It is really tough finding ways to build up a food stash. has so many cool things that I would love to incorporate into my family’s everyday & survival needs, including that Global Sun Oven Dehydration and Preparedness Kit.

    Since the question is ‘If money were no object…’, then I will have to choose the Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse Kit – 20′ x 16′ x 9’6″, with all of the extras, including seeds or starter plants, if possible! This would give us a way of providing for ourselves, and possibly extra food to barter with, if needed. With 5 of us tending to it, it should provide plenty. Oh well, a guy can dream, right?!

    I enjoy UR site. Keep up the GR8 work man!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes, it’s nice to dream. Sometimes it spurs us on or gives us new ideas to play around with. Keep on keeping on, and all the best.

  9. I too would have to go with the Global Sun oven. It would come in quite handy in a grid down situation!

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