Ten Excellent Tips for Your Survival

The following first appeared on Riverwalker’s Stealth Survival blog for October 26, 2011 and is gratefully reproduced here with his permission.

I think you’ll agree that it’s an excellent set of survival tips. Take them to heart.


Riverwalker’s Top Ten Survival Tips

While it is virtually impossible to be prepared for everything that could happen, there are a few simple and basic things that can be done to help you be better prepared. When combined with a little common sense, you will be able to deal with a crisis or a disaster in a more effective manner.

Riverwalker’s Top Ten Survival Tips

1. Don’t Panic – Remain calm and don’t make an already bad situation worse.

2. Maintain a Positive Attitude – Positive thinking will create positive results.

3. Establish Priorities – Realize that certain things will require your immediate attention.

4. Stay Organized – Maintain an efficient plan to conserve your energy and your resources.

5. Stay Informed – You don’t need any last minute surprises during a crisis or a disaster.

6. Keep Others Informed – This will help limit others anxiety about the situation.

7. Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Things can and do change rapidly in a crisis.

8. Know Your Limits – You may require assistance to achieve your goals for survival.

9. Conserve Your Resources – It might be a while before more resources can be obtained.

10. Failure Is Not An Option – If you give up, you lose.

Staying above the water line!



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2 thoughts on “Ten Excellent Tips for Your Survival”

  1. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog and the info you share is well received and trusted by many. I have learned a lot by following your blog.

    After reading this ten tips, I couldn’t help but think that these also transfer nicely to the workplace for those that work in an office / corporate environment. The employees that I have that follow these top 10 items will never have to worry about losing their jobs.. they would be too valuable.

    Thanks for always sharing the good advice.

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