What Does it Mean to Raise Kids Simply?

If you’re seeking to live asimplified lifestyle, you know how important it is to have wholesome family relationships. Cultivating those relationships may be one of the reasons you want to escape the rat race. It’s all about survival and your family.

Prepping and survival call for an attitude that enables you to adapt to an ever changing world. That means having your household in order. But can you raise kids simply these days?

What does it mean to raise kids simply anyway? For ansers, I encourage you to read an excellent article in the September/October 2011 issue of “Backwoods Home Magazine.” I hope the question in the excerpt below entices you to read the whole article. It’s well worth it.

Raising kids simply

By Patrice Lewis

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live simply? When asked what constitutes a simple life, nine out of ten people will answer something along the lines of “living in the country” or “no commute” or “having no mortgage.”

By this definition, however, those who live in the city, commute to a job, or have a mortgage are excluded from the simple life… right?

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Excerpt used with permission of Backwoods Home Magazine.
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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.