How to Keep Children Safe from Guns in the House

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Gun safety might not seem like an issue for professionals who know how to properly use firearms. However, children could easily pick up the weapons and use them on themselves.

Adults should always keep their weapons concealed from children and locked extremely securely, so that their children never use them indoors.

The decision to keep a firearm at home is always laden with risks. Many of the worst accidents often involve children finding unlocked firearms at home in plain sight. Children could even find loaded weaponry at other neighbors’ homes if the adults are not careful enough.

As a general rule, adults should unload all their ammunition from their guns. They should lock the guns up in a place where children are least likely to find them. According to the National Institute of Justice survey, people often store their handguns in the bedroom, where children will likely find them and use them inadvertently. Thus, adults should try to find a place to hide their guns besides the bedroom.

Parents should always stay ahead of their children when they are securing their firearms. They should store the ammunition and the actual weapon separate from each other, so that no one has the sense to load the gun indoors. They should also lock up the ammunition, so that children never use their parents’ ammunition to load another person’s gun.

Most of all, parents and guardians should hide their keys in a place where no one can easily get a hold of them. If people are willing to maximize the security of their guns, they could store their gun keys in a heavy duty safe with a number passcode. Otherwise, most families could simply find free safety kits for their guns and ammunition at their local police department.

Some organizations provide gun owners with safety kits as well. Project ChildSafe is a government organization that distributes free safety kits. These kits include a cable-style gun locking device, installation instructions and a special safety booklet. People can simply order the safety kit online at the company’s website,

Adults should also maintain the gun locks so that they work properly. As a few general rules, people should keep the cable away from the trigger lock at all times. They should push the cable into the padlock and tug on it, to make sure the lock stays tight. They should then store the key to the lock separately from the key to the firearm. Most of all, they should make sure to store the keys in place where children are least likely to find them.

Guns are dangerous weapons, but adults can keep them out of the reach of children. They may have to hide them in a hard-to-reach place, but they can still keep them in their house as long as they have the proper safeguards.


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8 thoughts on “How to Keep Children Safe from Guns in the House”

  1. John,
    So glad you covered this safety issue. I know a lady who keeps a handgun in a drybox bolted to the floor. The box is secured with a padlock. Someone will always say “But what if I have to get to my gun quickly? Same as if you need to get into your locked house or car quickly. Take out your key and open it. Carry the key on a lanyard around your neck or wrist. Only you will have access to it and you won’t need to search for it in an emergency. A dry box is moisture proof and secure, a good place to keep your ammunition too.

  2. If guns are kept as you say they will be useless in a self defense home invasion situation. I think a more proper course of action is to teach children gun safety and to respect guns for the tools they are. In addition an unloaded gun is a hammer. So when an intruder enters your home do want to meet them with firepower or throw your hammer at them.

    1. I certainly agree on the importance of teaching children gun safety. Kids need to know guns aren’t toys and can wound or kill. People won’t come back like in a video game.

  3. Did anyone say anything about unloaded guns? I did not. A dry box is a good place to store all your ammunition PLUS your LOADED gun. A lock box does not have to remain locked at all times. You may carry your gun with you if you wish, but not while taking a shower I hope. Their COULD be times when you wish not to carry it in your house. At such times you MIGHT want to lock it up and carry the key. A lock box is an OPTION. As for your children learning gun safety, of course they should. But I have heard of a number of cases where visiting children had trouble with guns at a person’s home.You may greet all your guests and visitors while wearing or carrying a gun. If you keep it with you at all times 24 hours a day then the LOCKABLE box may not be useful to you. Such misunderstanding and sarcasm as you have exhibited is so predictable that it is boring.

    1. Good points. The point regarding trouble and visiting children is especially noteworthy. Accidents have happened when one kid shows off a gun to another. Heaven forbid a visiting kid should get access to a loaded gun.

  4. Gerald Franz, just to clarify, I was not refering to your post. When I posted your post was not as yet visible to me. My reference to the unloaded gun was what was written in the article.I think your idea of a lock box is a sound idea.

  5. To Big Bear,
    Sir, you are a gentleman. I wish I had been one. I misunderstood completely. Thank you for your kind reply.


  6. Big Bear, you are very correct in pointing out that teaching children gun safety is crucial! However, this should be in addition to making sure your weapons are concealed and out of reach from children at all times. Some kids may be disciplined enough to follow direction, but others who lack a clear understanding or are perhaps a bit unruly may not follow the rules as well.

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