Why You Should Have a Sun Oven in Your Survival Kitchen

Solar cooking has been used for centuries. It can be done with various designs of solar cookers in various price ranges. But the Global Sun Oven from Sun Ovens International is an example of significant innovations that should make us glad we live in this modern time.

Paul Munsen, President of Sun Ovens International, was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio yesterday to talk about the Sun Oven. He was a good guest, and I believe you’ll be impressed with his knowledge of the subject at hand. I have a Sun Oven, but learned things I didn’t know.

There are several practical reasons why a Global Sun Oven deserves a place in your survival kitchen. Here are some key points.

  • A Sun Oven gets hotter and stays hotter longer than other solar cookers.
  • Food stays moist and tastes better when cooked or baked in a Sun Oven.
  • You can use it to bake, boil and steam foods.
  • The time required for cooking is similar to that of a conventional oven, unless you choose to slow cook.
  • Amazingly, food won’t burn or dry out.
  • No special recipes are necessary.
  • Cooking with a Sun Oven uses less water than conventional cooking.
  • Reconstitute dehydrated or freeze dried storage food without having to boil water first.
  • You can even do home canning in a Sun Oven.
  • It can be used as a food dehydrator, too.
  • Use it to heat, boil or pasturize water.
  • Cooking outdoors means not putting out extra heat from cooking in your home, so your house stays cooler.
  • Save fuel (propane, wood, etc.) by using the sun’s free energy.
  • You don’t have to start a fire to cook.
  • It even works in winter when there’s sunshine.
  • It’s portable so you can take it on camping or hunting trips.
  • Plus, cooking with a Sun Oven is fun!
Many of us in the U.S. think the Sun Oven is something people would use in less developed countries. You might think that would make it suitable to have in your survival supplies. You’d be right, but oddly enough, there are cultural barriers to overcome in many less developed places. One of the biggest challenges Paul Munsen and his company faces is to get the word out about the Sun Oven and how it works.

Hear more in my interview with Paul Munsen on DestinySurvival Radio for September 15, 2011. You can also click here to view a video on how how Sun Ovens work. Mention DestinySurvival when you contact Sun Ovens International.

Vickilynn Haycraft is known for her objective product reviews, and she gives the Global Sun Oven an excellent rating. View it here.

The Global Sun Oven is becoming so popular that there are several options for you to buy one. Shop and compare.

To buy a Sun Oven, you can go directly to Sun Ovens International. You can also buy from Miller’s Grain House. Donna Miller will be glad to tell you how pleased she is with her Sun Oven.

Eartheasy.com also offers the Sun Oven. Click their ad banner below and type Global Sun Oven in their search box. On the page that appears, click the image of the Global Sun Oven for more details and place your order.

Do you have a Sun Oven? How has it worked for you? Would you recommend it to others?


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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