A Modified Electric Trike as Survival Transportation?

Who says a hybrid vehicle has to be big and expensive? Check out this video of a modified electric trike. Find out how it can get 130 miles per gallon.



Think of the possibilities if you want to modify an electric trike for yourself. You’d have transportation that doesn’t require much fuel. You wouldn’t need to get a license for it.

The small generator could charge a battery faster than solar panels for running the electric motor. Use the generator when you have gas and don’t care how noisy it is. Or run more quietly with just the bike motor.

Of course, a portable generator can serve other functions, like running appliances, so it’s good to have one around.

If you want survival transportation that doesn’t require any construction, get a riding lawn mower or garden tractor. They don’t require a license either. It worked for the old man in the movie “The Straight Story” who rode a riding mower on a long trip to see his ailing brother.

Why be limited to a car or truck for survival transportation? Why be tied down if you don’t have a driver’s license? Plus, a vehicle that can take you off the main roads may be a life saver.

Whether you want to buzz around town on errands or get out of town altogether for survival when things get hot, keep in mind that there are other options.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

1 thought on “A Modified Electric Trike as Survival Transportation?”

  1. Gerald Franz asked me to post the following comment for him because he’s had intermittent trouble getting comments through.

    “John, Your electric trike Destiny is over the top good. So glad you mentioned The Straight Story. Do you remember what happened to mister Straight’s first mower?
    I would love to have a hybrid trike. There must be many people who can’t have a license. I have a license and I still want one, it is another option. Riding silently could be a life saver some day (or night) if you want to slip by a sensitive area.

    Thanks, Gerald, for the encouraging words. I’ll have to see the movie again sometime.

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