Especially for Lady Preppers…

Sylvia Britton of the Christian Homekeeper Network was my guest this week on DestinySurvival Radio. Her Christian faith is front and center in her conversation and on her Web site.

Her site displays a motto I really like: “…a God to Serve …a Family to Love …a Work to Do.”

The seed for the Christian HomeKeeper Network was planted when her family got a computer in 1996. One thing led to another. Today her site, a Facebook page and message board provide a tremendous outreach to hundreds of thousands of visitors each week.

Sylvia has a heart for helping women. While she has a wealth of experience and info pertaining to managing a household, she desires to help women grow closer to God as well.

So many women today aren’t as fortunate as Sylvia has been. That’s because the network of women relatives and friends isn’t there like it used to be in our society.

Many skills for running a household haven’t been taught. Young women have heartfelt questions about their place in the world. Sylvia’s online network is there to help.

Interestingly, Sylvia says she gets many e-mails from men, too. For example, if the wife goes to work or if a man is a single dad, guys will contact her for specifics on doing household tasks, like cooking and doing the laundry.

Sylvia fields many questions about organization and time management. It’s a hot issue I’m sure we can all relate to in our hectic age.

Women today are intelligent and resourceful and will find out what they need to know. Sylvia finds great joy in being there for them.

We spoke a little about the differences between men and women. In a home, it’s vital to understand one another and work together.

While Sylvia teaches about old fashioned homekeeping skills, what does it mean to live a simpler, more basic life? Is keeping a homestead the same as simplifying? Or does it mean more work and stress? Is it possible to be self reliant but not simple?

Whether you’re prepping for change and disaster or want to simplify your lifestyle, I believe you’ll be encouraged and blessed when you check out the Christian HomeKeeper Network. Sylvia is providing a much needed service.

To hear my interview with Sylvia Britton,listen to DestinySurvival Radio for August 4, 2011. Find Sylvia at


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

2 thoughts on “Especially for Lady Preppers…”

  1. Hi John,

    I listened to the show yesterday and it was wonderful!

    I have known Sylvia for many years and seen her loving mentorship and wisdom first-hand. She definitely walks her talk. She does what she does as a ministry to G-d and she is very sincere and she knows so much about everything! LOL! Really!

    I learn a great deal from Sylvia and I love CHK newletters, e-books, website, forums, and I listen regularly to her show on PRN. Zhe has so much to offer!

    Thank you for having Sylvia Britton as a guest and for delivering such consistent quality shows on Destiny Survival Radio.

    ~~In Messiah,
    Vickilynn Haycraft
    Micah 6:8

    1. Vickilynn, Thanks for your kind comments. I’m glad to get such a favorable report from you about Sylvia. I know you wouldn’t speak lightly of something that has an impact on so many. May her outreach and ministry continue to prosper with God’s blessing.

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