Home Schooling Should Be Part of Your Family’s Prepping Strategy

TOn DestinySurvival Radio I spent the hour talking about home schooling. I think any family who’s prepping should be doing it.

A lot of prepping families are already home schooling. They know there are parallels between prepping and home schooling.

Preppers and home schooling families…

* Separate themselves from the vast majority of society.
* Declare their independence from the system in many ways.
* Discover how to become interdependent with other like-minded people.
* Experience significant personal growth.
* Develop a skeptical attitude toward conventional authorities.

Let me expand on that last point a bit. You may have discovered that you seek new authorities you find to be credible. You aren’t afraid to follow your own mind.

When you’re raising children, you likely have ideas and goals in mind as to how you want those children to turn out. With home schooling you get to be in control and shape your children as you believe they should be shaped.

There’s an abundance of curriculum material for you to choose from. Different philosophies are out there for your consideration, too.

Do what works for you and your family. Allow yourself the time and freedom to explore that. And remember, your experience will be different than someone else’s.

Be sure you know what laws apply in your state. Become a member of Home School Legal Defense Association. When you consider the benefits and help they offer you, the annual membership fee is definitely worth the price. A link to the HSLDA Web site is below. It’s a tremendous resource.

There’s plenty of support for you, whether it’s from a local group of home schoolers or from books, magazines and online resources. You’re not in this venture alone.

During my show I spoke about our family’s experience, which is different than most. In a nutshell, health problems caused us to make a number of changes. My wife went to work, and I did nearly all of our home schooling.

That was a challenge for me. Since I’m blind–some call me visually impaired–I had to use special adaptive equipment to help me teach our children.

By the way, if you’re raising children with disabilities, don’t let that stop you from teaching them at home. Below are a couple of resources to help you.

For me home schooling proved to be more fulfilling than anything else I’ve done in the past. Instead of reaching out to a large audience, I reached out to the young, moldable minds of my own children.

Remember, when you’re raising children, you’re raising young adults. And family bonds are strengthened.

I invite you to listen to my discussion on DestinySurvival Radio for June 23, 2011.

Additional Resources

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HSLDA–Home School Legal Defense Association

The Teaching Home

NATHHAN–National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network

CHASK–Christian Homes and Special Kids

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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  1. Great show!! I passed the info to my neighbor who homeschools, she thanked me profusely after she researched it. She also said that her son got a huge kick out of hearing his name on the internet. I told her that it was all you, my friend.


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