Buy a Large Orange Bivvy Bag for Survival

One Tuesday evening my son and I ate out with some of the members of our local ham radio club before our monthly meeting. Mark, the restaurant manager came over to visit with Don, who is a regular customer.

I gave Mark one of my DestinySurvival Business cards, and that started a whole new line of conversation. He and a couple of the guys began talking about camping out and using a large orange bivvy bag.

Mark couldn’t think of what they were called at first. He said he wanted to get some orange bags for sleeping in which were like big trash bags. He thought they were from Adventure Medical. Mike spoke up and said he’s seen yellow ones, too. He called it a bivvy bag.

I think I’ve found what Mark’s looking for.

This week’s DestinySurvival Pick is the Adventure Medical Kits SOL Emergency Bivvy. It rates highly on Amazon. Here are some features.

• Lightweight
• Reflects 90% of body heat
• Ultralight stuff sack allows you to store bivvy before and after use

You’ll want one or more of these in your emergency kits in the car or at work. You never kno when you may be stranded somewhere and need it.

Of course, it would be great to have when camping or hiking when you want to travel light. You’ll need a bag for each person who’s along on your outing.

One reviewer says the sack the bag comes in is large enough to store other small items. That means you don’t have to stuff your pockets quite as full. Reviewers say that, though the material is fairly durable, it can be punctured or torn if you’re not careful.

On the other hand, Mark has put them to the test in various conditions and wants more. If you want to get one for yourself, click on the title of the Adventure Medical Kits SOL Emergency Bivvy wherever you see it linked in this post. That takes you to the page where it’s featured. Add it to your cart to start the order process.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.