Something We Don’t Like to Think About…

There’s something we don’t like to think about in the midst of our prepping for survival. But it’s the undercurrent that flows with all we do to be prepared.

We’re trying to beat the Grim Reaper. In other words, we don’t want to die.

We want to prolong life as long as possible. After all, that’s what survival is about, isn’t it? Aren’t we aiming to outlive others around us when we’re in the midst of adv ersity?

But the fact is, you and I are going to die someday. And before that happens, we may see many others die around us. And it will be painful.

Perhaps those who die will be friends or beloved family members. Perhaps cherished pets.

Perhaps neighbors will die in a tornado, flood or fire. Many deaths will result from a societal and economic collapse the likes of which we’ve never seen before. It could be a One Second After scenario.

I’m not predicting anything. I can’t know the future, and neither can you. I believe the prophecies found in Scripture give us the big picture, but the exact details are yet to unfold. Obviously, Harold Camping and others of his ilk who went before him got it wrong.

Moving through the mists of tomorrow is one of the most difficult challenges of prepping. We’re preparing for the unknown. But to ignore it is folly.

Once it was human nature to practice self preservation. To do anything other than what we think of as prepping would have been laughed at as foolishness. Has self preservation been conditioned or bred out of us?

Ignoring death is to be in denial. It simply postpones the inevitable. Our ancestors acknowledge death as an ordinary, inescapable part of life. It’s time we do the same.

Yet, we prepare. It’s one of those nagging dichotomies we face as long as we draw breath.

Prepping should be an acknowledgement that death is real, but we’re making the choice to face it with wisdom and courage.

A woman who calls herself the Patriot Nurse shares thoughts on the deaths that will happen if or when we face major calamity throughout the country. It’s sobering to say the least.

Are you ready to think the unthinkable?


Who will die first?


Who will die in the next wave?


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

4 thoughts on “Something We Don’t Like to Think About…”

  1. Patriot Nurse is very impressive. She has so much information and presents it so clearly. Her point of view as a nurse is very valuable and I have not heard anyone with her perspective before.

    1. I agree. My experience is that much of the medical community is focused on progress and science to keep people well and prolong life that they don’t want to deal with death. Consequently, many in the general population don’t either. We don’t like acknowledging vulnerability.

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