Survival Gardening is Simply Growing Your Grub

It was my pleasure to have Steve Howard as my guest on DestinySurvival Radio yesterday. Steve is a passionate gardener with an admirable eagerness to learn and try new things. He blogs at and currently hosts a weekly show called Growing Your Grub on the Preparedness Radio Network.

A few weeks back Steve did a show on square foot gardening. After hearing it, I asked him if he’d be a guest on my show. We talked on the phone for a little over an hour and found we hold several ideas in common.

We could have talked much longer. And I knew we’d only scratch the surface of numerous topics during the hour we had on DestinySurvival Radio.

Steve is quite knowledgeable about a number of innovative and simple gardening methods. Of necessity, he grows with raised beds because of the condition of his soil in south central Texas.

According to Steve, the only thing more important than controlling your own food source is water. When he found himself living in an area without the abundance of fresh food he’d become accustomed to, he decided it was time to grow his own. He’s an advocate for chemical free or organic gardening and has strong opinions about the quality of what we eat.

Experiments and mistakes have taught him much. But that’s true for any gardener.The key is to apply the lessons we learn by experience.

He advises new gardeners to start simple. Rather than become overwhelmed, practice the example of an old saying. “eat an elephant one bite at a time.”

If you’re a novice at gardening, grow something you like to eat. Lack of space isn’t an excuse not to grow something because there are so many ways to garden intensively.

Our discussion was wide ranging. One of the topics we touched on was whether to use open pollenated seeds or hybrids. We also talked about whether you should have a survival seed package like those promoted on this site. The bottom line–buyer beware.

So much of the way we used to garden before World War II now has a special name, like sustainable gardening.

Survival gardening has become a popular term in recent years as well. I’d say it involves ways of gardening that go back to the basics. It focuses on what food you need to survive. Survival gardening is–to borrow Steve Howard’s term–growing your grub.

I proposed a hypothetical situation to him. If he knew he only had one more season to garden, what would he grow? What tools would he set aside? What books would he draw from?

Hear his answers to these questions and more on the June 2nd DestinySurvival Radio.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.