Could We Survive Without Money As Many Are Doing?

The declining economy in recent years has prompted the growth of alternative local currencies. We’ve also seen the rise of alternative exchange arrangements, such as bartering or credit exchanges. One of many examples is Ithaca Hours.

An article entitled “America Will Not Survive Without Alternative Markets” features a couple of videos on barter systems in Greece and Argentina.

In the BBC report from Greece, one of those interviewed notes how the poor become invisible and powerless. A time bank or barter system helps overcome that by giving people the means to get what they need and be of value to others.

The video on Argentina’s Global Barter Network mentions that the “new poor” there are comprised largely of former public service workers. Could we see such an underclass in the U.S. as money fails in city and state governments?

I’ve included the video report on Argentina below for your consideration. We may find our survival depends on alternative economic arrangements sooner than we think.

Are you involved in a barter or credit exchange program where you live? Can you see yourself being part of such a community? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


Find Out About the Global Barter Network


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4 thoughts on “Could We Survive Without Money As Many Are Doing?

  1. This is a very powerful piece, I have thought for a long time that bartering could pull some families from the teeth of ruin. I am now wondering how to turn a flea market into a swap market. Who really needs fleas anyway, LOL? We need, as a country, to really pay attention to those who are killing themselves trying to make ends meet, as one family falls it takes two to three times that, including resources and all the other things that it takes, to pick them back up. Why let them fall to begin with?

    • Thanks for your comment, Shorty. Several months back I read about online bartering and swapping, but haven’t heard anything about it recently. You might try typing key words “barter” or “swap” (without quotes) in the search box on this page to see previous posts with links to some sites. I have a couple of links on my Links of Interest page, too, in the “Survival and Your Family” category. Go to .

  2. I enjoyed the Argentine barter video and article. I admire these people for their spirit and adaptability.

    Referring to other articles, I noticed a dog in the video. It appears a two minutes eleven seconds. It sure looks like the Carolina dog in your previous video, also the Canaan dog and Australian Dingo. Seems like these might be survival dogs who are capable of self reliant living if necessary. Wonder what we could learn from them?

    • Gerald, that’s an interesting observation about the dog. Thanks for mentioning it.

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