One Disabled Prepper’s Outlook Shows the Way for Others

A few weeks ago I interviewed Riverwalker on DestinySurvival Radio. Yesterday I interviewed Shorty, a friend of his. We talked about prepping when you’re disabled. As I said at the beginning of the show, if we were short on specifics, we’d be big on ideas and attitude.

Let me lay a little groundwork to explain.

A few weeks ago Shorty wrote an article on Riverwalker’s blog and shared some of his personal experience prepping with a disability. View Shorty’s article here.

I contacted Riverwalker about getting in touch with Shorty because I thought he’d be a good guest on DestinySurvival Radio. A few e-mails went back and forth. Then a few days ago Shorty and I had a phone conversation that lasted longer than the time we spent on DestinySurvival Radio.

He was a little reluctant about doing the show at first, but encouragement from his family and our phone chat put his mind at ease. After talking with him I knew we’d have no trouble filling the hour.

Shorty’s a disabled combat veteran who was injured in a parachute accident in the early 1980’s. He’s traveled down a long road of physical and mental recovery. He had what might be called an awakening a few years ago. Now he wants to be better prepared for disasters and help others with disabilities get prepared as well.

He’s the first to admit he’s still learning. He’s highly motivated and has a positive outlook. Though he’s a beginner at prepping, he’s come a long way for someone who’s been through all he’s been through. I believe he’s a positive example for others with disabilities, especially veterans.

Shorty’s a firm believer in meaningful human interaction. It takes working together to meet one another’s needs to be prepared. He’s not a proponent of the “lone wolf” approach.

Having been raised in a foster home and having used the services of the Veteran’s Administration, he knows how “the system” works. While there’s a place for it all, he believes strongly in taking personal responsibility for one’s actions. Take what you need, but no more.

I hadn’t planned to interview a veteran before Memorial Day weekend. It just happened that way. But it meant a great deal to show producer Steve Mistretta, who jumped in a couple of times during the show with comments and questions. He reminded us a large number of preppers are veterans, including many who may be disabled.

There’s apparently enough interest in continuing the discussion with Shorty that we may do another show soon on DestinySurvival Radio. To hear yesterday’s show, click here.

Do you have your own thoughts to share? Why not leave a comment below. Or if you want to get in touch with Shorty, we’ve agreed that for now you can send me an e-mail with “Shorty” in the subject line, and I’ll forward it onto him.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.