Are Chia Seeds a Secret Miracle Survival Food?

I ask the question, Are chia seeds a secret miracle survival food? When you discover them for yourself, you’ll see why I ask.

The first thing that might come to your mind about chia seeds is chia pets. They make use of sprouting chia seeds. But chia seeds aren’t just a novelty. They’re much more beneficial than you’d think.

Chia is native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. It was highly valued as a food source by the Aztecs and other preColumbian Indians. They would take them along with gourds of water when travelling to stay hydrated. Today athletes including runners and mountain climbers use chia seeds to maintain endurance.

Chia seeds are high in protein, omega fatty acids (beneficial oils) and fiber.They have twice the protein of any other seed or grain. They’re said to have five times the calcium of milk. Plus, they contain a number of other vitamins and minerals.

The seeds form a gel when soaked in water or juice. They’ll absorb up to nine times their volume. Soaked seeds have been used in gruels, porridges and puddings. Ground chia seeds have been used in baked goods including breads, cakes and biscuits. It’s that seed gel that helps keep you hydrated. It’s best not to take chia seeds dry, unless you drink a lot of water with them. Otherwise, they’ll soak up moisture from your body.

One of the benefits of chia seeds is that they help control your appetite. You won’t feel the need to eat as often. They’re also good for digestion and reportedly help with irritable bowel syndrome. Besides that, they slow down the fluctuation of sugar levels, which makes them beneficial for diabetics.

The seeds remind me of raspberry seeds, and they’ll get stuck in your teeth if you eat them dry. They have no distinct taste, whether eaten dry or in gel form. In gel form, they make me think of cooked oatmeal. In fact, why not put chia seeds in your hot cereal? Try some in yogurt or in a salad.

Chia seeds offer an inexpensive way to add nutrients and improve your stamina. Take some chia seeds with you the next time you go camping or hiking.

You can buy chia seeds from a number of online sources. One source is Search for chia seeds.

Or you might find some locally at a health food store or in the natural foods section of your supermarket. Shop around for the best price.

To find out more about this little known super food, get a copy of The Magic of Chia: Revival of an Ancient Wonder Food, by James Scheer. He gives historical info on chia seeds. He discusses their powerful nutritional benefits. And he gives you recipes so you can use them in your survival kitchen. If eating chia seeds is a new idea to you, then get Scheer’s book and explore them further.

If you want to try adding chia seeds to your daily routine, buy at least a pound of them. Put 1/3 cup seeds in 2 cups water to make chia seed gel. Then take three tablespoons 1-3 times a day. Of course, you can always add dry seeds to any foods you’d like to experiment with.

If you had several pounds of chia seeds on hand, you could get by on them alone for a time, along with plenty of water to drink. This could keep you from going so quickly through your other long term storage food. Perhaps you could get by on chia seeds if nothing else was available to eat.

Whether you take the minimalist approach or just want something nutritious to add to your daily meals now, buy chia seeds today. Then expand your horizons with your own copy of The Magic of Chia, by James Scheer.

Find out for yourself the wonders of this secret miracle survival food.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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