What If Your Prepping Dreams Don’t Work Out?

Preparedness and survival don’t automatically happen. Sometimes A lifestyle evolves over time as we act upon our choices. Sometimes it’s forced upon us as trials make us bow to necessity, and our prepping dreams don’t work out as planned.

Both happened to Vickilynn Haycraft and her family.

Vickilynn was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio. Hers is quite a remarkable story.

Vickilynn Haycraft is a wife, mother and homeschooling parent of five children. She’s also the author of Wrapping It Up!, which contains innovative recipes for using healthy grain tortilla shells. She also co-authored Naturally Healthy Cuisine, Real Food for Real Families with Shonda Parker.

We discussed her books for a few minutes at first. They can be ordered by clicking the links above or through her site at RealFoodLiving.com.

Over the years, she has written many independent product and book reviews. Those are on her site as well. She makes it a point to stay as unbiased as possible. Her product reviews and recipes are family tested.

Healthful cooking and eating are essential parts of Vickilynn’s prepping lifestyle. But she hasn’t always lived such a beneficial, preparedness oriented lifestyle. When her children were young, family health problems drove her to learn to cook conscientiously. When a friend introduced her to freshly ground wheat flour, there was no turning back.

A number of factors directed them into home schooling as well. They were fortunate while living in Alaska to have the support of a good Christian school and church. They were encouraged to try home schooling for one year. Though her husband was against the idea at first, notable successes changed his mind. They loved home schooling. Their children flourished and became honor students.

The Haycrafts went on to pursue their dream of homesteading. But it didn’t last. Vickilynn’s husband suffered a work related injury and needed to retire. His disability worsened.

Then Vickilynn was diagnosed with a certain type of leukemia. Her chemotherapy prompted them to move to another state. Though they’ve had to scale back greatly, they’re still in prepping mode. They’ve learned to barter for things they need. Out of necessity, they’ve also developed a support network among neighbors.

Such changes have been difficult and painful. But Vickilynn believes they’re where God would have them to be. He meets their needs and makes a way.

I see lessons in all of this. If you don’t have what it takes to live the dream of homesteading, or if you can’t do what you’d like to do in your urban setting, don’t give up. Start where you are. Recognize your limitations and assets. Reach out to others and develop a support network. If you believe in God, put your trust in Him.

I’ve only touched on highlights of my interview with Vickilynn. If you’d like to hear our conversation, contact me about getting the MP3 file, because the link for the April 28, 2011, edition of DestinySurvival Radio no longer works.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.