Finding Nutritional Help to Survive the Nuclear Radiation Threat

Before I talk about finding nutritional help for the nuclear radiation threat we face, let me share a couple of seemingly casual thoughts. (If you’re anxious to get to the chase, so to speak, see the links below.) Earlier this week I wrote a post about the Petkau Effect and asked whether the nuclear radiation threat is a more serious threat to our survival than we think.

Since then I’ve written about drinking powdered milk and making cheese from it. Another post was on nasal washes to clean our body’s breathing filter, the nose.

Why this emphasis on health? After all, isn’t a health blog. But I’m a firm believer in healthful living as part of prepping for survival.

And I don’t think we should underestimate the seriousness of the radiation threat or the reality of the Petkau Effect. Low levels of radiation sneak up on us and can be deadly.

Within the last couple of years or so, my father-in-law has been successfully treated for prostate cancer. None of us thought too much about it. It happens to old men, right? He’s over 80.

Within the past year, my mother-in-law was found to have lung cancer. She’s had radiation treatments and seems to be doing fine. It’s believed her cancer came about because of radon seeping up from the ground below their home. They’ve lived there almost 30 years.

If you’re like me, you’ve been skeptical at some point about the reality of radon and its potential threat. Are my in-laws proof of radon’s sly devastation? If they aren’t an example of the results of the Petkau Effect, then their cases of cancer are quite a coincidence, aren’t they?

Yesterday afternoon I spoke with a friend in a western state and asked if she was concerned about low level radiation from Japan. She’s usually up on health and environmental issues. Not this time. She wasn’t concerned.

She’s focused on day to day life–keeping bills paid and food on the table. Besides, she said radiation issues are nothing new where she lives.

Interestingly, she told me her mother made her family drink powdered milk when they were growing up. Her mother didn’t trust fresh milk because of possible radiation contamination.

That would have been in the latter half of the 1950’s and ’60’s. But I’ve forgotten what part of the country my friend was raised in. I believe her mother’s concerns were justified though.

After I got off the phone with her I remembered past conversations in which she told me her mother and a sister each died from cancer in their fifties–my friend’s age now.

Think of how many people you know who have cancer of some kind now or who have had it in the past. How many are children? My in-laws know a family right now with a three-year-old girl who’s battling cancer.

We’ve accepted it as normal. But was it this way a hundred years ago?

But back to today.

The disinformation and confusion continues concerning radiation levels from Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors. The danger to those of us living in the northern hemisphere is being played down. The radiation at whatever level is something we’ll be dealing with for a long time to come.

Rather than recommend one specific product to help you face the threat of nuclear radiation, I want to point you to some helpful resources that mention several products that will help you fortify your body.

I’m breaking the rules by doing it this way. My Internet marketing mentors tell me, “Don’t take people away from your site because they may not come back.” I’m willing to take that risk because this is such an important subject. Experts have done so well at handling this topic that I don’t feel justified in rewriting what they’ve put so much work into.

I’ll put links to some helpful articles below. I suggest printing them out. Mark the recommendations you believe you’re able to follow. A number of products are recommended. Sources for them are suggested in some cases, too.

I encourage you to come back here to the DestinySurvival Prep Mart’s Health & Nutrition category, where you’ll find companies offering a wide array of nutritional and herbal products.

Doing your personal investigation might seem overwhelming at first, but don’t get discouraged. Some items are readily available, such as vitamins B, C, D, E, and coenzyme Q-10.

I’ll continue to recommend certain products from time to time, such as Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals as a means of detoxifying your body and building up your immune system. But do your best to live a healthful lifestyle. Build your body’s immune system, and you’ll stand a better chance of surviving the toxic load created by our present environment.

Click on the title of any of the articles below to view its contents. A new window will open up. When you close out that window, you’ll be right back here to do further investigation or check out the Health & Nutrition offerings in the Prep Mart.

Do you have thoughts or helpful tips to share? You’re welcome to leave a comment below.


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.