Nuclear Radiation–Is it a More Serious Threat to Our Survival Than We Think?

How serious is the threat from nuclear radiation? Are low levels of radiation as harmless as we’re told they are? Or are bursts of radiation the real danger?

This week’s DestinySurvival Pick is the book The Petkau Effect, by Ralph Graeub. I’ve mentioned it previously in connection with fulvic ionic minerals as a means of protection against radiation.

The subject of nuclear radiation needs more attention and clarification because we’re not getting the truth.

Radiation at very low levels from Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors was reported early on in milk in Washington and California. What about the impact on vegetables and fruit coming from California? It was also reported in rain water in places like Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Radiation readings from Japan were noticed in Europe as well.

Levels are said to be so miniscule that we have nothing to worry about. We’re told everything is OK.

If that’s the case, why report it at all? After all, a story isn’t sensational after a certain period of time. Besides, who wants to stir up fear unless somebody has something to gain from it?

So what if people die of cancer more often? Who can prove it has anything to do with nuclear radiation from Japan or anywhere else? Before long the EPA may change its radiation toxicity standards upward and tell us a little radiation is good for us. Do you believe it?

What are the facts?

The Petkau Effect has answers. Though it’s nearly 20 years old, it’s more relevant than ever.

Radiation at low levels damages cells much more than we’ve been led to expect. There’s a different mechanism at work in our bodies in the presence of low level radiation as opposed to when we receive high bursts of radiation. Damage from Low-Level Radiation over an extended time period is over 1,000 times as great as the same amount of radiation released in a single high-level burst. This is what’s known as the Petkau Effect.

Over time, as the body produces new cells in blood and organs, errors at the cellular level are caused by low levels of radiation. As a result, cancer or other illnesses develop, but don’t make themselves known right away.

In fact, it may be years before we know the extent of damage done to those affected by radiation levels from the nuclear disasters in Japan. That’s horrible to contemplate, isn’t it?

There aren’t many reviews of The Petkau Effect on Amazon. In fact, one reviewer says it’s tripe and should only be read if you want to heighten your fears and paranoia. If you’re like me, that should make you want to examine the book all the more.

I have it on good authority from someone who read the book that it’s a wonderful book to have. The book is divided so you don’t have to read it straight through. Five minutes with it is enough to open your mind to the lies we’re being told.

But what about solutions?

Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals can help detoxify and fortify our bodies.

With low levels of radiation having been reported in milk, isn’t it time to buy and use powdered milk? You can buy dry milk and other dairy products for emergency food storage from companies on this site who sell long term food storage. Click here to connect with these companies.

Dr. Ernest Sternglass is a world renowned expert on radiation and its medical consequences. Back in the 1950’s, when nuclear weapons testing was being done often, he told his wife and their friends not to serve fresh milk anymore because of radioactive iodine in it. They should just use powdered milk.

A video below features Sternglass discussing the everyday effects of radiation on those downwind of nuclear plants. Radiation adversely affects children and even unborn babies.

Though radioactive iodine loses its punch after eight days, you’ll find useful info in a couple of the videos below on how to deal with it.

Below I’ve also put links to articles for further reading.

To get an in depth look at the real dangers of nuclear radiation, get The Petkau Effect. If you can’t find it from the source I’ve linked to in this post, it’s worth doing an online search for it. Now, more than ever, we need to know how to face this threat to our survival.


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You may also want a copy of Deadly Deceit: Low-level Radiation, High-level Cover-up.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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  1. John,
    I am reading The Petgau Effect you mentioned in an earlier post. The introduction alone is worth buying the book. By looking up sections on Three Mile Island and Chernobyl within minutes I found out things that I had not heard of before. This book is thoroughly documented. How can anyone ridicule it? I am also reading Helen Caldicott’s Nuclear Power is Not the Answer. There are many parallels between these books. I thank you for your post today.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      This is such a universally important subject that we shouldn’t be made to wait 20 years or more to find out about it.

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