Discover How Plant Propagation Will Boost Your Survival Gardening

Propagating plants. It sounds so intimidating and difficult. But if you’re survival gardening, you may be doing it right now and not even know it.

Propagation simply means reproduction. There are several ways to propagate or reproduce plants. The first one that comes to mind is seed saving. But there’s also taking stem or root cuttings from plants like strawberries or asparagus so you’ll have more of them.

Or it could mean something a little more challenging, such as grafting fruit trees or roses.

Propagating plants is not only important for the continuance of your own survival garden, but it could be useful for neighbors, too. Have you ever thought of bartering seeds, cuttings or roots from your garden?

Perhaps a neighbor has roots or cuttings in exchange for something you have to offer. Get creative and see how that might work for both of you.

Propagating plants will give a real boost for your survival gardening efforts.

Find out how Jackie Clay propagates plants. She’s been homesteading for many years and knows her way around the garden. She has a feature article in the March-April 2011 issue of “Backwoods Home Magazine.” Here’s an excerpt. Read the whole article by clicking the link below.

Propagating plants

By Jackie Clay

We all love the idea of having a big, productive garden, full of all the nutritious, tasty foods our hearts desire. But the prices in the nursery catalogs can be enough to make you cry! Maybe you just can’t afford that big garden full of berries, fruits, and other wonderful plants, after all. But wait! Here are some easy-to-learn plant propagating methods you can use to multiply your modest berry patch, orchard trees, and even some vegetables to have as many plants as you want.

When we first enlarged our new garden, I could only afford three black raspberry Bushes; too much was going on building our new log house, and all the money went to that for a long time. But I did buy those three little bushes. Now, three years later, I have enough bushes from those initial three plants to plant a 50-foot row in our new berry patch up the hill, and also enough to give a bunch to my friend.

Read the whole article here:

Excerpt used with permission of Backwoods Home Magazine. (541)247-8900.

At the end of the full article, Jackie recommends The Plant Propagator’s Bible and Secrets of Plant Propagation. Simply click on their titles in this paragraph to find and order them.

Discover what propagating plants can do for your survival gardening this year and beyond.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.