All About Sprouts

Hi Everyone! Hope you’ve all been well since my last guest blog! In this month’s blog, I thought I would chat a bit about sprouts. There’s been a lot of talk lately in the survival gardening realm about them, and I’ve found that many survivalists don’t know that much about them or the benefits of growing and consuming your own sprouts. Here are just a few benefits of growing and eating sprouts:

  • Sprouts contain more nutrition in their tiny little bodies than the adult versions of themselves. Much like a baby maturing in its mother’s womb or in an egg, germinated seeds, and the sprouts that begin growing shortly after germination, are packed full of good stuff to help them grow strong. By consuming plants during the sprout stage of growth, we can benefit from all of these nutrients.
  • Sprouts contain large amounts of living enzymes. These enzymes are important for us to consume because they help us break down foods and make them more digestible. The better digestion we have, the more nutrients we can absorb from the foods we eat. So, not only do sprouts themselves offer a ton of nutrients, but eating them helps us absorb more nutrients from the other foods we eat.
  • In addition, it is fairly easy to grow sprouts and definitely a very quick source of food if you’re ever stuck in a situation where food supply is low and you need food NOW! Most sprouts are ready to eat 2-4 days after germination, and depending on the type of sprout and the environmental conditions (how cold you can keep them), some can be consumed up to 7 days after harvesting.
  • One of the biggest benefits to growing and consuming your own sprouts is that you know exactly how your food was grown and handled. You are in control and you’re not relying on outside sources of food. If sprouts are not handled correctly, they can become contaminated and cause sickness. This happens pretty frequently with commercially grown sprouts. By growing your own and handling them yourself, you can rest assured that they are safe to eat!

These are just some of the top benefits to growing and consuming your own sprouts. Each different kind of sprout offers different nutrients—some are high in protein and amino acids, while others are high in certain vitamins and minerals. Because they’re so easy to grow, and because you don’t have to put a lot of time into them, why don’t you give it a try? I encourage everyone to do a little research and experiment with growing some sprouts of your own!


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3 thoughts on “All About Sprouts”

  1. It’s timely that this article is here now because I’ve heard from a couple of different sources that sprouts will help keep the body fortified in the presence of nuclear radiation. They may not be the cure-all, but they provide the body with such good things, they’re sure to be helpful. Besides, we could have trouble getting food that hasn’t been irradiated. So having sprouting seeds and using them is a good idea.

  2. I appreciate the information on sprouting. The book Live on Wheat, by John Hill Second Edition has a section on sprouting wheat, starting on page 28. Having wheat on hand and sprouting it could be a life saver some day soon. I like the idea of knowing the sprouts are pure by making them yourself

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