Survival Health—Find Answers for Illnesses from the BP Gulf Disaster and Radiation from Japan

Yesterday’s DestinySurvival Radio is the most important show done to date. My guests discussed health solutions for those suffering from the BP Gulf oil disaster. We also touched on the critical matter of the radiation threat from Japan’s current nuclear crisis.

My featured guests were Dr. Chris Kaufmann, AP, DOM, and his clinic director from the Abundant Health and Wellness Center in Sarasota, FL. This clinic offers unique life saving solutions you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

I was contacted in early January about helping the clinic get the word out about the solutions they offer for those suffering from ongoing illnesses in the aftermath of the Gulf oil disaster. It took until now to get the program on DestinySurvival Radio because of a number of roadblocks along the way. Things like e-mails that didn’t get through, etc.

Once Gigi, the clinic director, and I spoke by phone, I knew we were on the same page concerning a number of things. I hasten to add I’m not affiliated with the Abundant Health and Wellness Center, and I don’t claim to fully understand all they’re doing.

When Gigi and I spoke the other day, it became evident that we had to broaden the scope of our interview to include information about the radiation threat from Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors.

Both the Gulf oil disaster illnesses and the radiation threat are happening right now. No need to wait for “the big one.” These events are being misrepresented by the mainstream media. It’s hard to get at the truth on both.

How much of that truth is being suppressed? Gulf illnesses are not mentioned at all. The radiation situation is the subject of misinformation. There’s both hype and denial about it.

We couldn’t possibly cover all we might have discussed, but we gave a broad overview of environmental illnesses and solutions in the hour we had together. Some might consider the show controversial. Others might think I promoted quackery. After all, the statements made weren’t FDA approved, for whatever that’s worth.

But consider this. There’s a likelihood that our environment has been deliberately damaged and poisoned to make many of us sick or to kill us and lower the population. How do we face that? How will we survive? The truth is, many of us won’t.

Even if that weren’t the case, so much of our modern lifestyle has immersed us in a toxic soup. We’re often unaware of the level of toxins our bodies are coping with each day. And as marvelous as the body is at healing itself, it can only take so much before it no longer functions as it was meant to. As a result, we become ill.

Dr. Kaufmann believes in discovering a person’s toxic burden first. For example, someone might be ill from an accumulation of heavy metals in their system. He uses a protocol of very specifically targeted remedies to bring about healing. The body has to be nourished back to health.

The idea is to deal with the big picture—the body as a whole—not just to treat symptoms. Dr. Kaufmann says this kind of environmental medicine is common sense medicine.

He has integrated a combination of Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, German biological medicine and energy medicine into his practice. He believes energy medicine is the wave of the future. It uses cutting edge technology to help get the body back in balance. We might compare it to Star Trek technology, only it’s here today.

Dr. Kaufmann doesn’t need people to stay sick to keep the clinic going. He believes in educating patients. When patients are knowledgeable, they’re compliant with their protocol for healing. When that happens, they get the best results.

As they say at the Abundant Health and Wellness Center, Yes you can feel better.


Concluding Note and Update

Since early 2011, when the interview was done and this post was written, the Abundant Health and Wellness Center has apparently gone out of business. Also, the original link for this episode of DestinySurvival Radio no longer works. The two issues are totally unrelated. However, if you want to hear the show, contact me so we can make arrangements to provide you with the audio file for a small fee. The conversation may provide you with food for thought regarding areas of health and wellness you may wish to explore further.


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.