Linda Runyon’s Wild Food Knowledge Package May Be Essential to Your Survival

If you’ve wanted a resource to help you learn about wild edible foods, Linda Runyon’s Wild Food Knowledge Package is what you’re looking for. It may be essential to your survival.

Linda Runyon is well known for her knowledge of wild edibles. She’s the author of a book called The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide and a DVD called “Linda Runyon’s Master Class on Wild Food Survival” as well as other books and resources.

Here’s what you get in the Wild Food Knowledge Package.

  • The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide
  • Wild Food Identification Guide
  • Wild Cards wild food identification deck
  • Linda Runyon’s Master Class 3 hour DVD

You can find out more about each of these items on her site. For now, let me tell you a little about just one of these goodies–the Wild Cards wild food identification deck.

Linda Runyon’s Wild Cards: Edible Wild Foods is a deck of cards featuring wild edibles, and it could very well be essential for your survival. It’s a deck of playing cards featuring pictures and descriptions of 52 different wild edible plants.

The cards also give info on how to use and prepare plants for eating, as well as any warnings you should know about.

The deck has a key chain so you can easily carry a mini library on wild edibles wherever you go. You won’t lose any cards that way either. Naturally, these cards are great to take along when you go hiking or camping.

Of course, one advantage is that no batteries are necessary to access the life saving information contained in these cards on wild edible foods.

The cards are for all ages. That makes them great for getting your children involved in looking for the plants you see in the cards whenever you’re outdoors.

Linda Runyon’s Wild Food Knowledge Package is a DestinySurvival Pick. To order yours, click on the ad banner below. A new window will open, taking you to Linda Runyon’s site. Click on Products, then Packages to find and order this money saving special.


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Author: John Wesley Smith

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