Food Storage–Two Things to Make Storing in Buckets Easier

When I visited on DestinySurvival Radio with John Hill, author of How to Live on Wheat, one of the things we discussed was bucket lids. He’s familiar with the kind that spin off and reseal, but he says he likes standard lids because they’re cheaper.

The problem with standard lids is you need an easy way to get them off. He suggested a lid lifter to get lids off easily.

If you’ve been using grain or other storage food from buckets, you already know about this. But I know there are those for whom all of this is new, and it can seem intimidating.

Nitro-{Pak has a category on their site for Containers and Supplies. That’s where you find buckets, lids, bucket liners, oxygen absorbers, and more. And, yes, they’ve got lid lifters.

With an Aluminum Lid Lifter, you don’t have to worry about banging up your fingers and nails. And you won’t chew up the edges of a standard bucket lid with pliers or vice grips. Nitro-Pak’s commercial quality lid lifters will make it easy to take off a standard lid. And they’re made to last a lifetime.

The Aluminum Lid Lifter is item 2801 on Nitro-Pak’s site. Find it easily by typing that number in the search box at the top of their home page.

But if you’d rather have the kind of lids that spin off and reseal with an air tight seal, Nitro-Pak has Gamma Seal Lids, too. In fact, they come in different colors. That way you can keep your wheat separate from laundry soap, or keep dog food separate from plant fertilizer.

If you’ve got plastic buckets that don’t have lids, get as many Gamma Seal Lids as you need and put those buckets back to use. They’ll work on most buckets with a 12 inch diameter.

You don’t need any special tools to get Gamma Seal Lids off and on. Plus, another nice feature is they’re made so you can stack your full buckets on top of one another to save space. The lids are water proof, too, so they’ll keep the contents of the bucket dry.

The item number for Gamma Seal Lids is 2820. When you type that number in Nitro-Pak’s search box, you’ll see a page with the various colors of lids they offer. You can add any of them to your cart from that page to begin ordering, or you can click on the image of the lid you want to get a complete product description before you order.

So whether you want an Aluminum Lid Lifter (item 2801) or Gamma Seal Lids (item 2820), or both, click on the ad banner below and order from Nitro-Pak today.

Take advantage of these two ways to make storing in buckets much easier. Life in a survival situation will be difficult enough. Why should it be hard to get to your food storage and everything else you’ve stored in plastic buckets?


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.