Lehman’s–A Prepper’s Paradise

Yesterday’s debut of DestinySurvival Radio featured Glenda Lehman Ervin, Vice President of Marketing at Lehman’s. You’re invited to listen here. My program starts in the second hour of the audio.

The story of Lehman’s is a classic American success story. Jay Lehman started a hardware store in 1955 to serve the Amish in Ohio. Timing and good fortune propelled the company to a worldwide market. And, believe me, they’ve got marketing savvy on their side, too.

The company which started out selling to the Amish now buys merchandise from them to serve you and me. Lehman’s is helping to both preserve and promote a simpler way of life.

Plus, the Lehman’s store is quite an attraction for visitors. It’s like shopping and going to a museum at the same time.

Lehman’s has such a wide variety of products, there’s sure to be something of interest for any prepper. Whether it’s oil lamps, wood burning stoves, nonelectric kitchenware or old fashioned gardening tools, they’ve got it.

And they offer resources to help new preppers discover what they need and how to use it for a self reliant lifestyle.

That’s why I say Lehman’s is a preppers paradise. It doesn’t matter if you’re an urbanite or homesteader. There’s no other company that does quite what Lehman’s does. And their model isn’t one that can be duplicated.

I knew years ago that Lehman’s is a valuable asset to homesteaders, preppers and survivalists, so I became affiliated with them almost from the beginning of DestinySurvival.com.

Then late last summer, just when my readers were starting to purchase more from Lehman’s through posts and ads here, the marketing arrangement with them ended. But that involved a third party and circumstances beyond my control.

I had hoped the sponsorship arrangement with Lehman’s would be in place by the time I did the interview with Glenda Ervin. Since that wasn’t the case, I forged ahead because what they have to offer you is too good and too important to pass it by.

Meanwhile, Lehman’s is working things out so they should be an affiliate sponsor here again soon.

I wanted to interview someone from Lehman’s for the debut of DestinySurvival Radio, and Glenda Ervin was the one. She’s very knowledgeable and a good conversationalist who made my first show easy. You’ll enjoy listening to her.

On behalf of Lehman’s, Glenda has offered DestinySurvival Radio listeners something special to help save money and get familiar with their products throughout this new year. You’ll hear about that when you listen to the show. You can also take a peek when you click here.

As I mentioned above, my show doesn’t start until the second hour. Preparedness Radio Network tells me that soon I’ll be able to pass along the link for my show only. When that happens, I’ll update the link here.

Meanwhile, click here to listen to the DestinySurvival Radio debut with Glenda Ervin. And be sure to listen next Thursday afternoon at 1:00 Central Time for more from DestinySurvival radio.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.