Get “10 Rules” and Survive Encounters with the Police

During the holiday season, you’ll see more police on the roads looking for speeders, drunk drivers or seat belt law violators. How will you handle the situation if the police stop you?

A better question is, How should you handle the situation?

The DVD “10 Rules for Dealing with Police” gives you the guidance you need. Know when you shouldn’t speak and when you should. It’s not the time to whip out your copy of the Constitution and lecture the officer about your rights. Just a few selected words in key phrases will do, and “10 Rules” tells you what they are.

While getting your own copy is a good idea, if you’ve got friends and family who haven’t seen it yet, now’s a perfect time to make sure they do.

But what you’re taught in this DVD goes beyond the holidays. Here’s an example.

The headline says, “Father Harassed By CPS For Feeding Kids Organic Food.”

The father in question was victimized by a month long child abuse investigation because one of his neighbors reported him to the authorities. A Child Protective Services worker came to his home, accompanied by a police officer.

The CPS worker bombarded him with questions and conducted a warrantless search of the house. She even looked in the refrigerator. One thing that made her suspicious is that he had a 72-hour survival kit at home, the very thing the government encourages people to have.

As much as this kind of ridiculous intrusion makes my blood boil, this father could have postponed or avoided this trouble if he’d been better informed. The attitude and actions of the social worker are appalling, but the man should never have let her into the house.

The “10 Rules” DVD gives instructions on what to do when the police come around and want to search without a warrant.

But what about this man’s case where a social worker was involved?

When we home schooled our children, I feared our family would be accosted and harassed by social workers. Thankfully it didn’t happen. But we were prepared as members of HSLDA, the Home School Legal Defense Association. Anyone who’s home schooling should join HSLDA for help and protection.

In cases where Home School Legal Defense Association is involved in dealing with social workers, they counsel members not to let in social workers or police without a warrant or court order. If they force their way in, at the very least, they must be told they’re entering without consent.

So whether you’re at home or out on the roads this time of year, know you’re rights. There’s no reason you can’t stand up for yourself with dignity and wisdom in a tough spot. are the producers of “10 Rules for Dealing with Police” and you can order it directly from them. I make nothing on the sale of this DVD when you order it from them, but it’s important that you have it regardless of that.

By the way, “10 Rules” has been reviewed favorably numerous times in the media, including Fox News. Get a copy for yourself or for a friend or loved one today.

Be aware, and be wise. Think survival.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.