Have a Prepping Party!

With the parties that take place during the holidays for work, church, clubs or family gatherings, why not exchange gifts related to preparedness? If you’re in charge of a gift exchange, or if you can put a bug in the ear of someone who is, here are a few suggestions.

Since some may have no idea what they need for preparedness or survival, you may need to put together a list of ideas from items available in the Prep Mart. Include items like garden seeds, packages of batteries, an LED flashlight, space blankets, a fire starter, or dry soup mixes.

Book ideas might include Making the Best of Basics, It’s A Disaster! …And What Are YOU Gonna Do About It? or All New Square Foot Gardening. How about a magazine subscription to “Prepare Magazine” or “Self-Reliance”?

Ask participants to choose an item or two from your list, or ask them to add their own. Make sure they know they’re asking for something they can use in times of emergency or crisis.

Set a reasonable dollar amount so no one feels obligated to spend a lot of money. Draw names or do whatever you’re accustomed to for gift giving occasions. You may find people are more willing to take part if they know they’ll be giving and getting something that’s truly of practical value.

This doesn’t only have to be for Christmas or other holiday parties. Keep these ideas in mind for wedding showers or other special occasions.

Whether you call it a prepping party, survival party or something else, make it meaningful, but have fun, too. Demonstrate how prepping can be about helping one another to be ready for emergencies and tough times ahead.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.