American Indian Food Ways for Survival?

Many of the foods we take for granted today come from so many different sources. We hardly ever think about their origins. Did you know we owe cornbread, clam chowder, succotash, grits, and western barbeque to the Indians?

It’s usually not until around Thanksgiving time that we think of the contribution American Indians made to the survival of Pilgrims and other early colonists. Knowing how American Indians found, prepared and stored the food on which they survived May be key to our own survival one day, too.

In centuries past, many tribes throughout the land experienced abundance and variety. There were game animals, fish, certain cultivated crops and plenty of wild plants. Food was eaten fresh, dried, smoked or preserved in some other way for lean times, such as winter.

We’re all aware that as Europeans settled America and moved westward, many changes took place, and the Indians’ ways were disrupted and uprooted. Indians were forced to cultivate crops like wheat and grapes. New animals were introduced by settlers. The buffalo was nearly stamped out.

If the technological clock were suddenly turned back 200 years, how would we eat? Your supply of stored food would eventually run out. Would you get enough food from your survival garden? Keeping fed would be difficult for you and me and even for most of today’s Indians. But the knowledge of the Indians’ food ways is available for those who will have it.

Linda Murray Berzok has provided us with useful historical knowledge in American Indian Food (Food in American History). It’s a chronicle of ‘American Indian foods and traditions, which explores how food was gathered, its preparation, methods of preservation, customs and rituals and the diets in six different regions. A few recipes are included as well.

American Indian Food is said by reviewers to be a comprehensive survey of the subject and is easily readable. It delves into American food culture and history as well as that of American Indians. How could we have our American food without some influence from the ways of the Indians?

If you want background that goes beyond recipes, get American Indian Food by clicking on its title wherever you see it linked in this post. That takes you to the page where you can view more info and place your order.

Think survival and make a place for this book in your survival library.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.