International Shipping Now Available at DestinySurvival

This is a special message for my readers outside the U.S. I’m constantly amazed by how many of you there are and how widely scattered you are. I truly appreciate your interest in DestinySurvival..

Several of DestinySurvival’s sponsors aren’t able to ship orders overseas. Now that problem is solved. You have the opportunity to order from any of our sponsors and have your merchandise shipped to you wherever you are. That’s because DestinySurvival has partnered with Bongo International to make this possible.

Here’s how it works. On the sidebar of this page is a box with an image labeled “International Shipping.” Click on the image, and you’ll be taken to another page on this site with the information you need to take advantage of Bongo’s services.

Their solution is so simple. Bongo International provides you with an address here in the U.S. When you have your U.S. address, you can purchase products from any advertiser on this site as well as other online merchants.

Bongo receives the items you purchase and puts them in their online system. If you’re ordering from more than one company, you can consolidate your orders into one shipment and save a considerable amount of money to have your items shipped to you from Bongo.

Take the opportunity now to get your unique U.S. address and order whatever you need for preparedness and survival from any of the advertisers you see here at DestinySurvival. Click the image on the sidebar as mentioned above, or click here for the Bongo International page.

I’m pleased Bongo International offered me this opportunity to serve you. I encourage you to make use of their valuable service. Now keep prepping, wherever you are.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.