Wealth for Survival from a Yard Sale?

People look for bargains wherever they can find them. On the other hand, some look to downsize and unload what they don’t need. You could benefit from someone else’s cast offs.

The November/December 2010 issue of “Backwoods Home Magazine” has an article on finding real wealth from yard sales. Whether you’re shopping yard sales, thrift stores or estate auctions, you’ll appreciate the observations and advice in the article excerpted below.

Finding wealth you can wear at yard sales

By Thomas M. Buckley
Photos By Steve Lindh

When you go to yard sales this year, be sure to look for jewelry. I used to always look for tools or other items that a self-reliant person may want to buy at a bargain price. One day I noticed a bunch of sterling silver chains hanging on a small rack. Being a coin collector, I knew the value of silver. I bought these chains, probably two ounces of silver in total, for a few dollars. From that point on I have always looked for jewelry first.

Often you will find a mish-mash of jewelry in an old jewelry box or other container. Sometimes there are stray pieces mixed in boxes with other items, or just placed out on the tables. I have found a treasure trove of gold and silver over the years, and you can, too. You will probably have to sort through some costume jewelry or other junk, but you will be surprised by what you will find.

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Excerpt used with permission of Backwoods Home Magazine.
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Author: John Wesley Smith

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    1. I wouldn’t encourage anybody to be unscrupulous, but you can find some good bargains at yard sales.

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