Try an Ezekiel Bread Making Kit in Your Survival Kitchen

There’s nothing like a hearty whole grain bread to provide complete nutrition and enhance a healthful diet for survival. Perhaps you’ve seen Ezekiel bread in your local health food store and wondered if you could make your own. Plenty of people do.

Ezekiel bread is sometimes called “Bible Bread” or “Manna Bread.” It’s a bread whose recipe is derived from a verse in the Old Testament. “Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessel, and make thee bread thereof…” (Ezekiel 4:9, King James Version). Some say fitches may mean sprouted grain.

If you’re not familiar with Ezekiel bread, it’s heavy multi grain bread with a higher protein content and tends to be more crumbly than other breads. I like it toasted with honey on it.

If you’re eager to try yur hand at making this bread, you’ll want an Ezekiel Bread Making Kit. has several. In fact, if you type key words Ezekiel Bread in their search box, you’ll find a basic kit.

The Ezekiel bread grain mix offered is certified organic, and it’s vegan and vegetarian, too. It includes hard white wheat, hulled barley, spelt, hulled millet, green lentils, black beans, and red beans. With the basic kit, for example, you get enough to make six loaves of bread. And it comes with all you need, except a grain mill. You’d need to look at a deluxe kit for that.

Ezekiel bread does require a certain amount of work and planning ahead. You’ll need to grind grain and do some sprouting. Plus, the recipe for Ezekiel bread also calls for honey, olive oil, active dry yeast and salt, which you’ll have to provide.

If you’re not already in the habit of making Ezekiel bread, I’d suggest trying it out so you’ll know what’s involved. Once you’ve made the several loaves you can make with an Ezekiel bread making kit, you’ll be ready to make your plans for buying and storing the necessary ingredients in your survival pantry.


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.